Facebook Fundraising Ideas – Best, Easy, Simple

Facebook fundraising ideas – Best Easy Simple

Facebook Fundraising Ideas – Best, Easy, Simple

Hopefully your organization has a Facebook page already. If not, make it a priority because it is going to help your cause in a huge way. But how do you raise money with Facebook? This brief article shares some of our best Facebook fundraising ideas.

Facebook is an important part of your online fundraising efforts. How many likes and followers do you have? The more fans you can build, the more effective your Facebook fundraisers will be.

How to easily build fans on facebook

The best way to get new followers and people to “like” and share your posts is to post things worth sharing!

Memes are very popular and can go viral with many views, likes and shares. A meme is a photos with famous quotes on them. Pick something that you can tie in with your cause.

Are you running an animal shelter fundraiser? Cute animal photos are always a hit. Do you have a daycare fundraiser going on? Cute photos with babies and little kids dressed up in costumes are also popular.

The idea is to share things that make people feel good about themselves so they want to share it with others. Some memes get shared the tens of thousands of times.

How to create an simple facebook fundraiser for your nonprofit or school:

  1. Go to your facebook page.
  2. Go to the left menu of your News Feed & click on “Fundraisers”
  3. Click + Create Fundraiser.
  4. Select Nonprofit.
  5. Search for your school or nonprofit.
  6. Choose a cover photo and fill in the fundraiser details.
  7. Click Create.

How to easily add the “Causes” App or “Donate” App to your Facebook Page

Wouldn’t it be cool for your donors to be able to donate right from your facebook page? Try adding one of these apps.

  1. Look for the “Causes” app in the Facebook’s Application Directory.
  2. Click on the app and then look for an “Add to Page” option on the left to use the app.
  3. Can’t use the “Causes” app for some reason? Then try the “donate app”.

Link to your online fundraising catalog from your facebook page

Your webmaster can help you to load your fundraising brochures online. Then simply LINK to it from your facebook page. Take pictures of people ENJOYING your product and load them up to facebook. Highlight their name so they will interact with the photos and describe how much they love your products.

This goes great with the facebook videos you are going to create.

Create facebook videos to help your small group raise money

Facebook has some great best practices to create your fundraising video. You can use videos to do the following:

  • Tell your story.
  • Why are you doing a fundraiser.
  • What will you be doing with the money?
  • Who will benefit?
  • What product are you selling?
  • Clearly explain and show what the product is.
  • Have some of your happy clients leave REVIEWS of your fundraising products. For example, if you are having a cookie dough tub fundraiser then have people describe how delicious it is and to describe what they love most about it. The more videos you do the more social proof you provide that your cookie dough is worth buying. Does that make sense?
  • Give instructions on how to donate or help.
  • Share updates on the progress of your fundraiser.
  • Share videos of people having fun at your event. You can show these next year to let people what to expect this year.

Here is a tip for you.

Don’t go for making the PERFECT video. It isn’t possible. If you wait until you can do it “perfectly” you will never get started with facebook videos. Our best advice is to simply just JUMP right in and get started with our best facebook fundraising ideas.

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