Best Animal Shelter Fundraising Ideas

Best Animal Shelter Fundraising Ideas

Animal Shelter Fundraising Ideas

According to the ASPCA there are about 6.5 million animals that enter U.S. animal shelters across the country every year. Of this, about 3.2 million are cats and 3.3 million are dogs. Approximately 1.5 million shelter animals are put to sleep.

If you run an animal rescue center, then you understand how expensive it is to house, feed and provide health care for the animals in your shelter. Since the majority of these are non-profit organizations… EVERY dollar counts.

Fund-Raising for Animal Care Organizations

This is why Humane Society fundraising is an important part of running a pet shelter or an animal rescue group. Your animals need help, you need the money to take care of them, & thankfully there are many people with big hearts out there that are ready to help.

What Are The Best Animal Shelter Fundraising Ideas?

Here at we have come to understand the value of scheduling & stacking your fundraising efforts throughout the year. When you use multiple ways to raise money, your abandoned pets are the winners.

Here are our 5 favorite ways to raise money for your animal shelter:

1) Raise Money With Tee Shirts for Your Animal Rescue Organization

This idea works on many levels.

First, you are selling a product people will wear. That means they are willing to pay money for a custom T-shirt they can wear for many years to come.

Second, you can hold a contest for the best pet photo or tee shirt design and offer a prize.

Set up facebook page or instagram account where people can show off their designs. This creates a buzz effect for your campaign. You can also do this annually so you can have a new Humane Society Tee Shirt Fundraiser every year.

Third, this will give you a viral effect as people will be walking around wearing the shirts and advertising your animal rescue cause. This creates brand awareness.

Ask your supporters to take pictures of themselves wearing the new shirts and post them online.  Then let people on facebook know how they can get a new shirt and save an animal’s life.

A great place to make custom tee shirts for your animal shelter fundraiser is here.

You can earn up to 50% on every sale.

2) Use The Animals In Your Shelter To Create Custom Pet Calendars

Ask a local aspiring photographer to take pictures of the animals in your shelter. Then choose the top 12 that you can put in your calendar. Team up with a local printer to make them up for you. You can take orders, pay for the product, and keep the difference.

3) Hold A Doggy Car Wash Fundraiser For Your Animal Shelter

Make sure to have plenty of pets there for people to look at and play with while their car is being washed. Get your supporters to volunteer to bring supplies & wash the cars for your customers. If you charged $10.00 per wash, this could add up quickly.

Set it up in your shelter’s parking lot and get a free advertisement about the car wash from your local paper. Invite people to come into the shelter for a tour to see how their donation will help the animals. You can get a few more car wash fundraising ideas here…

As a side benefit, you might get a few dogs, cats & bunnies adopted that day too!

4) Animal Shelter Fundraising Ideas Using A “Stupid Pet Tricks” Contest

Do you remember when David Letterman would hold a “Stupid Pet Tricks” contest on his late night talk show? You can watch one here on you tube to get an idea of what we are talking about.

Seriously, this was hilarious. You can a charge a fee to enter the their pets, as well as a fee to watch the contest. Set up concession stands and sell food and drinks, as well as your tee shirts and calendars.

5) Cookie Dough Fundraisers for your Humane Society

For over 50 years we have helped animal rescue groups just like yours to sell a boatload of cookie dough. If there are two things that people love… it is cookies and animals.

Your cookie dough fundraiser can help them to feel good about making a difference in an animal’s life.

Here is the best cookie dough fundraiser catalog we have. Your group can earn up to 50% profit on every order taken.

Finally, we suggest that you get your local businesses involved. Good business people are always willing to help out a good cause.

They may let you post fliers and posters. If they have a facebook following, ask them to send out a post to their fans about your fundraiser.

What should you do now?

We encourage you to get your free copy of our animal rescue fundraising kits.

Next, did you know that it is FREE to talk to a fundraising expert?

Call 1-800-645-6550 right now. They will gladly answer your questions on how you can use all of the best animal shelter fundraising ideas that we have.