Humane Society Fundraising Ideas

Humane Society Fundraising Ideas Image

Humane Society Fundraising Ideas

The Humane society is a club / association that aims to stop animal cruelty due to the neglectful actions of people and natural reasons. This club is a great way to just feel good about yourself because you will know that you are helping animals such as dogs and cats and a host of others, including rabbits, birds, and the like. You feel good helping animals who would other suffer. But as we know, it takes money to get things done, including fundraising for your cause.

Donations for my Humane Society Group

Some fundraising ideas are a charity drive people bring toys and items for animals. People can also donate food to the humane society and the humane society gives the items donated to the shelter. Also you can ask for donations to the humane society and the animal shelter. The pretzel packs come into play when you are hosting the fundraiser/ drive and asking people if they would like to buy this delicious treat. So how do u have a drive you must be asking. First, you have to pick a location (maybe a local dog park or park). Next, you have to make fliers with colorful posters promoting your event. Thirdly you have to pick a day that  most people are off work like a Saturday. Fourthly, spread the word ask local shops if you can hang posters. Lastly – “Have Fun”.

You can host numerous fundraisers because this club is for a big cause. You can host fundraisers like carwashes or 5k walks / runs. Fundraisers are important because you can spread the word about your cause like animal abuse, get more people to join the humane society, and raise money too.

If you have questions about raising money for animal abuse issues or how to report animal abuse feel free to contact us at 800.465.6550 and we will do our best to assist you.  If you have questions about running a catalog fundraising event please reach out and request a free information kit.

Additionally, we offer great fundraising tips for your “humane society” fundraiser – this information is very helpful in planning and coordinating your money maker.

5 Profitable Brochure humane society fundraising ideas

  1.  Snackin in the USA Brochure.  Great selection of chocolates, gummy worms, nuts, caramels and over two dozen other delicious edibles.  Profits up to 50% – all 100% risk free.
  2.  Winter Wonderland Gift Wrap Catalog.  This is our #1 top-selling brochures for all types of non-profit organizations, including humane societies.  This program offers over 115 items for your buyers.  All items are custom packed for your customers.  We also offer people to sell online via email, boost sales over 30% or more.
  3. Caramel Popcorn Fundraising Catalog.  A delicious offering of yummy flavors – and they are priced to sell at only $7.00 per bag. This brochure is well priced and are especially well suited for humane society groups.
  4.  “Colossal Collection” Brochure.  The colossal cookie and brownie is brand new – and booking well.  These 12″ monster sized delights are so delicious we have to keep a steady supply of milk around.
  5. $10.00 Cookie Dough Brochure.  Your humane society group will round up the dough offering this program.