Cheer Fundraiser Ideas

Cheer Fundraisers Ideas

5 Easy Cheer Fundraisers Ideas For Your Next Cheerleading Fundraising Event

Whether you are looking to raise money for high school cheerleading uniforms, All Stars or cheerleading competitions, these easy cheer fundraisers ideas are sure to help. We love helping cheer teams with our proven school fundraising ideas.

Each of these unique fundraising ideas can help you to raise from a few hundred dollars to several thousands of dollars each. The key is to combine them and scatter them throughout the year.

Raise Money for Your Cheerleading Team With a Yard Sale Fundraiser

Another great idea is to have a cheer yard sale.

Get the whole gang involved by holding a garage sale or yard sale fundraiser. Your entire cheer squad can help out with this. From finding items that others are willing to donate to sell, to making signs & advertising, you can see there is plenty of work for everyone.

Get your school football team involved too as they may be willing to help your cheerleaders.

Raise Money for your Cheer Squad with Cheer Discount Cards Fundraising

Discount cards are another great fundraiser for cheer squads. This allows you to get local businesses involved in supporting your high school fundraiser.

A great place to start is by speaking with parents of students in your school that own a business. Ask them if they are willing to offer a special discount or a commission for any business you bring to them. For example, you can get restaurants to give you a “buy one get one free” deal. You can batch & sell these coupons.

Another angle on this is to get a business like a carwash to give you a 20% commission on all sales generated.

Raise Funds For Your Cheer Team With a Cheer Breakfast Fundraiser

Restaurant fundraisers can also help your cheer team raise money.

This fundraiser involves approaching the owners of restaurants that you enjoy eating at already. Tell them why you are raising money and propose your cheerleading fundraiser ideas. You can suggest holding this on a slow night for them to give them some incentive. Ask them how much of a percentage of the bill they would be willing to donate to your cheer squad for all business you generate.

Here is an example of a cheer breakfast fundraiser that raised $900.   By the way, this works equally well for lunch and dinner too.

Raising Money With Cheer Sponsors

Cheer sponsors are another great way to raise funds for your cheerleaders.

This goes back to contacting local businesses in your area. Remember to begin with the parents of the students in your school. You can get ideas for how to get a cheer sponsor as well as a cheer sponsor letter sample on this website.

Perhaps they will be interested in donating some merchandise or services that will make some good raffle ideas. The most important thing is to frame your pitch to show the business owner how sponsoring your cheer squad can benefit them.

Raising Money with Brochure Fundraisers

These are our favorite cheer fundraising ideas. In fact, once you try it, we believe you will want to have one every year too.

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Our cheerleading teams keep coming back every year because they love the idea of:

COMBINE and Raise The Most Money

The secret to raising the most money is to schedule several FUN creative fundraising ideas throughout the school year. This way your cheer squad raises the most funds.

In conclusion, we would love the opportunity to show you how easy our brochure fundraisers can be.

Feel free to reach out and order your free fundraising kit here.

Then we invite you to schedule your free fundraiser coaching call. Our staff is standing by to answer your questions about our cheer club fundraising ideas for schools.

We also encourage you to ask about our mission trip & church fundraising programs too.

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