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Competitive Cheer Fundraising Ideas

Your competitive cheer all-star squad has just won the local championship. Months of hard work have gotten your team to this point. Your cheerleaders are excited about the prospect of going to the state finals. Now it’s time to find the best competitive cheer fundraising ideas to get you there.

Your cheer squad has worked hard to get to this point. Furthermore, they understand they will have to work their little pom-poms off to win this next competition. They are also ready to help raise the money necessary to give them a chance to shine. In addition, they know that they have to pay for their own travel and hotel accommodations. However, it is worth all of the work, isn’t it?

Your cheer team is the best in your district. So it only makes sense that they deserve the best fundraiser ideas we have. After 50 years in this business we have fundraising tips that have really proven to be winners.

In fact, take a moment for yourself to see how Fundraisingzone stacks up against the competition.

Our Best Competitive Cheer Fundraising Ideas

Here are our best, easy and fun competitive cheerleader fundraiser ideas and tips that you can begin immediately.

  1. First, select a fun brochure. Here is a tip: Think about selling things that people love to buy and eat. You can check out some of our best fundraising catalogs for schools here.
  2. In addition, go ahead and order your own fundraising kit. It is free and gives you samples of all of the great products that we offer.
  3. Call 1-800-645-6550 to have all of your questions answered. Our goal is to help your cheer squad get to the state finals.
  4. We will send you all of the brochures, parent letters and envelopes you need to have a successful fundraiser. By the way, ask about our free prize incentive program.
  5. Now is the time to tell the world about your girls, all of their hard work, and the opportunity to make their neighborhood school district proud. We encourage you to reach out to everyone you know using Facebook and our online email program.
  6. Collect payment for all of the orders you receive. Place your order with and pay for it from the money collected.
  7. We will ship you your product ASAP.
  8. Deliver your products to your friends and family.
  9. Finally, take the difference between the money raised and the money spent on merchandise and use it to go to the state finals!

We are rooting for your cheer team

Make this cheer fundraiser competitive also.

Your squad earns up to 52% profit because it depends on how many you sell. A little FUN competitive spirit never hurt anyone. In fact, it will get your cheerleaders excited about being the winner of your squad.

In conclusion, we want to help your squad in any way we can. We provide free phone coaching to make this as fundraiser as easy as possible.

How about giving us a call right now?

Either you do something now or procrastinate and put it off till later. However, time is of the essence here. Before you know it, you can be using these easy competitive cheer fundraising ideas we have to offer.

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