Cooperstown Fundraising Ideas

cooperstown fundraising ideas to see the baseball hall of fame

DISCOVER 5 Fundraising Ideas for Cooperstown Tournament 2020

Are you looking for ways raise money for your teams upcoming season? In this article we will share 12 Cooperstown fundraising ideas to try.

The annual Cooperstown Tournament is the goal for all youth baseball teams. After all, every boy in America wants to make the American Youth Baseball Hall of Fame.

But how will your baseball team raise the money to get there? 

There are tournament registration fees, travel expenses, as well as dining and accommodations for a week to pay for. Whether you are staying at Cooperstown Baseball World, Cooperstown Dreams Park, or the Cooperstown All Star Village family baseball resort, our youth baseball fundraisers can help your kids 12u team make it to Cooperstown this year!

TRY These Cooperstown Fundraising ideas for 2020

We hope you enjoy these baseball fundraisers. And make sure you make it to visit the Baseball Home Of Fame when you are there.


Doesn’t it seem appropriate to have a baseball hit-a-thon to raise money for your Cooperstown trip this year?

Many youth teams decide to do this because it combines practicing baseball with raising money for their youth sports team.

So how does a hit-a-thon work?

A Hit-a-thon is sometimes called a home run derby. The difference between the two is that sponsors will pay you every time you get a hit or a home run. If you have a youth team and want to make the most money in your fundraiser, then choose to get paid by the “hit” instead of the home run.

  • Set a time and place for your fundraising event. 
  • Every baseball player needs to ask friends, family, neighbors and coworkers to pledge a dollar amount for every hit the boy or girl will get during the contest.
  • Talk this up on social media, email and texting.
  • So if grandma pledges $10 per hit, and the boy gets 3 hits, then grandma would donate $30 towards your trip.
  • Make it a contest so the boys that 
  • You can organize this yourself or use a program like 99 Pledges.

Sell popcorn

Selling Popcorn can help you get to Cooperstown this year. 

Why are we so confident about popcorn fundraisers? 

If the Boy scouts can raise thousands of dollars every year, so can your youth baseball team!

How to run a popcorn fundraiser for your baseball team

  • Order your free popcorn brochures from Fundraising Zone.
  • Make a list of your friends, neighbors, family and coworkers.
  • Give them a shout out on facebook and instagram.
  • Show them the popcorn catalog and ask them which selection looks good to them?
  • Collect payment and send your order in to us.
  • Your team keeps the profits!

How much can your youth team earn?

Ball teams can earn up to a 50% profit on every sale. This can certainly help your players get to Cooperstown this year!

Cornhole Tournament

Cornhole is a lot of fun. Everyone gets a lot of exercise and has fun supporting a good cause. 

So how do you hold a corn hole tournament?

  • You can buy the cornhole game new or make it yourself. BTW, you can get some DIY cornhole plans here…
  • Additionally, you can charge an entry fee for entering the tournament.
  • Furthermore, you can set up a barbecue and sell hot dogs and hamburgers to make extra money. 
  • Have all the winners of the each of the playoffs to face off each other.
  • Award a prize for the winning team.
  • Take photos and video and make sure you upload it to facebook and social media sites.
  • Repeat this again next year!

Donation Tables.

Did you know that every public business has an area set aside for “free speech zones”? That means you can set up a donation table outside of a SAMS, Walmart or grocery store. You can put a big donation bucket there and ask for a small donation to help your boys get to Cooperstown this year. 

  • Have the kids dress up in uniform.
  • Set up a small card table. Use a folding table that can fit in the back of a van or pickup truck.
  • Offer a piece of candy or a ribbon to thank people.
  • You can also sell small items like water or candy bars.
  • Tell people why you are raising money. This gives people a reason to feel good about donating to a good cause.

Team Yard Sale. 

Have all of the families on your team get together and plan a big garage sale. 

  • Ask your neighbors and family if they would like to donate items to sell.
  • Advertise on craigslist and facebook groups in your community.
  • Put up fliers.
  • When people come to your yard sale tell them why you are holding the sale. Tell them about your Cooperstown dream. Help people feel good about buying your old stuff for a good cause!

Our Youth Baseball Fundraisers Can Help You Get To Cooperstown

In conclusion, we want to help your sports team make it to the big tournament.

Our fundraising catalogs can certainly help you get there. Whether you want to sell gourmet cookie dough, trail mix, snacks or treats, we have  the perfect fundraising brochure for you.

Reach out to talk to Joe or Chris today to answer all of your questions. We promise to share our best Cooperstown fundraising ideas with you.

You also may be wondering…

What are good fundraisers for sports teams?

Youth Baseball teams have also had success with our winter fundraising catalog. It is filled with gifts, wrapping paper and ribbons. It has everything your friends and family will be buying this holiday season. Your team earns up to a 50% profit which can go towards your Cooperstown trip, registration and hotels.

How do baseball teams raise money?

Baseball teams have tried all kinds of different ways.

Some have had success selling Krispy Kreme Donuts. Others have sold raffle tickets and held raffles for a prize. You can set up a fireworks booth or auction off the kid’s time so they can do chores for their family, friends and neighbors.

Finally, others have had success with a poker night or a casino night to raise funds for the team.

How do you fundraise a youth baseball team?

The best way to fundraise for the Cooperstown tournament is to call us to help you.

  • Pick a fundraising catalog, like for instance, “Snackin’ in the USA”.
  • Show the snack brochure to your customers.
  • Let them pick the trail mix or snack they like best.
  • Collect the $8 payment up front for each order.
  • Buy your whole sale snacks for up to 50% off retail. Your youth sports team keeps the rest as a profit.
  • Deliver your snacks to your customers.
  • Go to Cooperstown and win the tournament!

How do softball tournaments make money?

  • First of all, you can play parents against kids.
  • You can also play boys against girls,
  • Or you can have a celebrity softball game and invite local celebrities.
  • You can also invite every softball team in your city to the tournament. The winner of every 3 inning game plays the other winners until you get an ultimate champion!
  • Furthermore you can charge an entry fee for each team to play. 
  • You can also sell snacks and drinks or hold a BBQ to raise money.
  • Finally, if this works, you can do it every year as a Cooperstown fundraiser.