11 Fastpitch Softball Fundraisers To Raise The Most Money

fastpitch softball fundraisers

How to Raise Money Through Fastpitch Softball Fundraising

Fastpitch softball isn’t for sissies. Neither is raising money for your fastpitch team. Whether you are in a neighborhood bar league or have a youth girls softball team, we can help. These fastpitch softball fundraisers can really make a difference.

11 Fastpich Softball Fundraisers To Try

Here at https://fundraisingzone.com we believe that fundraising is a year round effort for local sports teams. It’s no different for softball. So try combining several of these ideas to raise the most money. Whether this is for a school fundraiser or just a local youth sports fundraiser, these tips can certainly make a difference. We hope these fast softball fundraising ideas will help you.

1. Local Sponsors

Did you know there are local businesses that would be happy to sponsor your fastpich team?

For instance, many will even pay for the team shirts and provide the game balls if you put the name of their business on your shirts. This has been a trick that local bars and pubs have used effectively. Now you can use it too to get free softball supplies.

2. Local advertisers

Similarly, there are local neighborhood businesses that would love to advertise during your games.

How can you use this?

Firstly, team up with a local printer. Secondly, find out how much it would cost to print out a banner advertising a local business. And finally, then its time to go to work!

  • Tell each local business how many games you have each year.
  • Additionally, you should tell them how many people attend each game.
  • Furthermore, you should sell them on the idea that you will only have 3 spots for local businesses, and that the banner will be hung on the dugout fence for every game.
  • Finally, give them a price for an annual sponsorship with their very own banner.

3. Restaurant parties

Your team will be hungry after every game you play. You will even be hungrier on the days your team wins! So, you might as well go out and celebrate.

First of all, tell the restaurant or sports bar how many people you will be bringing after each game. Additionally, you can work out a discount or a commission you will be paid for the total tab that day. You can certainly see how this can be a weekly fundraiser for softball teams, can’t you? This makes this much better than scratch card fundraising because you can get paid every week of the season!

4. Softball team car wash

You can do this outside of one of your sponsor’s business.

For example, you can tell them it’s a great way to drive customers to their door. All it takes is a bit of planning, along with some rags, a bottle of turtle wax car wash liquid and a couple of buckets.

Finally, be sure to advertise this locally in your neighborhood because you can easily earn a few hundred dollars on a Saturday afternoon.

5. Sports store fundraiser

Your team needs sports equipment, right? So why not team up with a local sports store in your neighborhood? Tell them you want them to be the official sports store for your softball team. Then ask for a discount or commission on all the sales generated.

Additionally, make up fliers with coupons advertising your softball team fundraiser. And in addition, you can hand these out at your local schools and youth centers. Your team will get a commission on every sale you make.

 P.s. You can even do this with Amazon. Not many softball teams know they can get up to a 6% commission on softball bats, batting gloves, mitts and helmets. This is no-brainer softball fundraising idea.

6. Gourmet popcorn fundraisers

Your fastpitch softball team can earn up to 50% on every bag of gourmet popcorn they sell.

There are many delicious flavors to choose from. They retail for only $7 which means your friends and family can afford to support this fundraiser. We supply you with free fliers, brochures and shipping. Because of that, selling popcorn is a risk free fundraiser for youth softball teams. Our fundraising merchandise is second to none.

You can learn more about this popular popcorn fundraiser here.

7. Home run derby

Have your friends and family sponsor you for every home run you hit in this home run derby tournament. It’s a time to show off your athletic fineness in a friendly competition among your peers.

Finally, award a trophy to the person that has the most home runs at the end of the fundraising event.

8. Sell cookie dough

It’s amazing how hungry you can get playing fast pitch ball. Our cookie dough fundraisers for softball teams is a real winner.

  • Delicious cookie dough in many amazing flavors. For instance, chocolate chip, sugar cookies and Snickerdoodles
  • Two lbs of dough for only $10
  • Your softball team earns up to 50% on each sale.
  • There is also no money out of pocket for your softball booster club. This is because we give you everything you need to succeed.

Learn more about how cookie dough fundraising can help raise the most money for fastpich teams.

9. Yard sale

 With 9 or more players on each team, you can have one large yard sale fundraiser. So, be sure to get the word out and advertise this with fliers, social media sites like facebook, texting, and email too. People can donate to the fundraiser the entire amount or a set percentage on the total sales for the day.

10. Sell refreshments

You can set up your own concession stand for your game.

For example, you can go to Sam’s or Walmart and buy Gatorade or bottled water in bulk. Then keep them in a cooler with ice. Put a donation sign up and a box to put the money in. Tell the other team to help themselves so you can double the amount of drinks you sell. You can make quite a few dollars each week this way. Furthermore, you can do the same with snacks or grilling hot dogs and hamburgers.

11. Sell trail mix

Softball players need protein for strong muscles to play competitively. Why not have a trail mix fundraiser?

Your fast pitch players earn up to 50% profit for your softball team on each sale. At,only $7, this is something almost everyone will take you up on.

Contact us so we can show you how easy softball fundraising can be with our best fundraising products.

Which is the best fundraiser for fastpitch softball?

In conclusion, we hope you have found these tips to raise money for fastpitch softball teams helpful.

Remember, we believe that combining these will help you raise the most funds. However, you might be wondering which is the best fundraising product for our team?

We invite you to jump on a free coaching call. Let’s talk about your players and why you are raising money. Then let’s pick the perfect fastpitch softball fundraisers for your teams traveling expenses.