Sell more edible cookie dough with fundraising videos

edible cookie dough fundraiser videos

So, your PTA is having an edible cookie dough fundraising event to raise money for your school. Are you open to a suggestion to help you sell more edible cookie dough?

Have you wondered how video can help you to sell more product? Video may be your ticket to more sales for your group.

Ready for a few helpful tips from one of the most respected cookie dough fund raising companies online?

Sell more edible cookie dough with videos using your phone

I bet almost everyone in your school PTA fundraising committee  has a smart phone with a camera. Am I right?

So, how can your cell phone be your best friend?

Here are a few tips to help you use your mobile phone to sell more edible cookie dough.

  • Keep it simple. Short 60 second mini commercials are great for Youtube videos, Instagram videos or Facebook fundraising videos. Most people are too distracted to watch a video longer than 60 seconds. In fact, why not tell people up front how long your video is going to be so they watch it all the way through? One of the Youtube ranking criteria is length of time watching the video.
  • Don’t be perfect. Forget perfect videos because they only exist in Hollywood! Just be yourself and you will sell more than a professional video production because people find it easier to connect with people like them … imperfect!
  • Write your commercial. Being in front of a camera can make some people feel nervous. So, why not write out a short outline of what to say ? If you write it out and practice it a few times, then you will be much more comfortable. Keep your cheat notes handy and refer to them during the gourmet cookie dough fundraiser commercial if necessary.

Here are a few more video fundraising tips for your PTA

  • Make a practice video. Since your video is only 60 seconds, try doing a few of them and then pick the one you like best.
  • Give a demonstration. People love demos. So why not demonstrate opening the edible cookie dough and eating some of it ? Describe your experience eating it! Even better, film your children eating and enjoying it.
  • Choose a good thumb nail. Your thumbnail photo is the advertisement for your video. It is the first thing people will see before watching your video, so choose wisely.

 Finally, be sure to upload these videos to the internet and share them with your friends and family. Tell them all about your edible cookie dough fundraiser and how they can get 2 pounds of delicious cookie dough ready to eat right out of the tub for only $17!

In conclusion, maybe it’s time for you to start using video to help you with your next school fundraiser. So, please give us a call so we can show you how to earn up to 52% profit on each sale. Your PTA will be sure to earn more money with these video fundraising tips