5 Top Fundraising Ideas For Daycare Centers

fundraising ideas for daycare centers

Who else would like five top fundraising ideas for daycare centers?

Here are five of our top fundraising ideas for daycare centers that you can use immediately. Each of these is good for a few hundred dollars to $1000 or more in profit to your daycare center. Feel free to combine these with any other daycare fundraisers that you are currently using.

Child Picture day

This is a great fundraising idea for daycare centers. Type into Google the following phrase, “local photographer near me.” Then pick up the phone and start making phone calls.

  • Ask the photographer if they would be willing to come to your daycare center and take cute pictures of the children.
  • Furthermore, ask if they have props they can use to make the photographs look irresistible to parents and grandparents.
  • Additionally, ask if they would be willing to give you a percentage of the profits.

Parents can view the child’s photos online and pay for the photo packages they want to buy. This can easily earn you $500 or more annually.

Coffee Fundraisers

Do you know anyone that drinks coffee every day? Most people have at least one cup of coffee a day, wouldn’t you agree?

Instead of spending three to four dollars a day at Starbucks, they can support your daycare coffee fundraiser for only $16. Your preschool earns up to 45% profit on every sale. This is a popular fundraiser because people love to drink their coffee, don’t you agree?

  • You get free coffee fundraising brochures.
  • You get free mailing envelopes.
  • Ask how your daycare center can qualify for free shipping.
  • Furthermore, you can earn 45% profit on every sale.
  • Additionally, you also get all of the fundraising advice and training you will need to make this a successful fundraiser for your school.
  • Get your free coffee fundraising kit here.

Family portrait fundraiser

This can be a great upgrade sale to the photo day at your daycare we just discussed.

You can offer this after the parents pay for the package they like. It only makes sense that if they like photos of their children, they would also like photos of the entire family.

In addition, you can offer this as a totally separate fundraiser for your daycare. After all, there may be plenty of friends and family that do not have children at your daycare. This way everyone gets to have a family photo.

Here is a tip: Tell people that the more people they get to come to the family photo shoot, the cheaper the packages will be. Because you have more people in the photo, the odds are that more people will purchase a family photo package.

Rummage sale fundraiser

Wanna bet every parent and grandparent of the children and your daycare center have attics, garages and basements full of items that they would be willing to contribute to your rummage sale? Voila! You are now ready for a rummage sale.

What is a rummage sale fundraiser? You know what a garage sale is, don’t you? A rummage sale is like a garage sale or a yard sale on steroids because it is much bigger.

You can do this on a Saturday morning or Saturday afternoon.

  • Hold it in your daycare parking lot.
  • Put up lots of signs in your neighborhood.
  • Additionally, send a letter home to every parent announcing the rummage sale.
  • Furthermore, share information about your rummage sale fundraising event on Facebook, Instagram and Google plus.
  • Remember to publicly thank every person that donates goods to your sale. Do this on Facebook so everyone can see who is helping you. This will encourage other families to donate items and support your rummage sale.
  • Take lots of pictures and make a few videos that you can upload on Facebook. This will build excitement for your event. Additionally, you can use them to advertise your rummage sale next year too.

Daycare Fundraisers selling Snacks

Would you be surprised to know that our most popular fundraiser for schools is selling snacks?

Why are our snack fundraisers so popular? See for yourself

  • They retail for only $7 each. This makes it a very affordable fundraiser for all of your friends and family.
  • This is a very profitable fundraiser because your center can earn up to 52% profit on every sale. That means you can earn up to $3.50 per sale depending on your sales volume.
  • There is something for everyone in this snack fundraiser. Do you like salty or sweet things to munch on? Check out our snack fundraiser catalog for yourself…
  • We provide you with proven daycare fundraising ideas to use. This means you will have a successful daycare center fundraiser.
  • Finally, we stand behind our fun merchandise. We want you to be a hundred percent satisfied with the snacks they will purchase.

In conclusion, there you have it. Five of our top fundraising ideas for daycare centers like yours.

You might be wondering right now if our fundraising ideas really work…

So, read some of our success stories right now to see for yourself.

By the way, did you know we offer a free brainstorming phone session?

Why not give us a call now? Let’s see how we can help one another. Finally, in our discussion, we promise to share our best daycare center fundraising ideas with you.

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