French Club Fundraising Ideas

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French Club Fundraising Ideas

Say Oui, Oui To Our Easy French Club Fundraising Ideas!

Jacques & Pierre are having a blast planning the “Grande” French Club trip to NYC this spring. The gang will be seeing a play and enjoying dinner at a local French restaurant.

But the big question is, how will they pay for this trip? Jacques & Pierre stumbled on our website. So, here are some of our best French club fundraising ideas.

We hope they help your French club too.

Why are you raising money for your French Club?

Your French Club allows you to share and explore your passion for the French culture and language outside of the classroom. French cuisine, French films, cruises and traveling abroad are a wonderful way to experience this romantic culture.

However, they also cost money, don’t they? If you are going to raise money for your French Club, you might as well enjoy the experience, don’t you agree? Why not give some of these simple French Club fundraiser ideas a try? Students just love our school club fundaising ideas.

Our favorite easy French club fundraising ideas use FREE brochures

Just suppose you and your classmates had beautiful brochures that showed pictures of delicious things people loved to eat. By the way, your friends, family and neighbors are buying these every week anyway. They will be happy to support you with this French themed fund raiser.

Imagine showing them pictures of our YUMMY chocolate chip cookie dough fundraiser that is ready to pop in the oven. And imagine how surprised they will be when they find out it is only $10 for a 2-pound tub!

However, that is just the beginning, because we have fundraising brochures for every occasion. We have spring fundraiser brochures featuring flower bulbs and seeds. We also have winter fundraising brochures that feature gift wrap and holiday treasures. You will also enjoy the catalogs that sell gourmet popcorn, pretzels, candy, sweet and salty snacks, and cinnamon rolls. These are all school fundraising top sellers!

But you might be wondering… Do I have to buy this merchandise up front?

Our Risk FREE ideas for fundraising with no up front costs for your French class

What do you like better?

  • No upfront costs?
  • You don’t have to buy and store product?
  • Risk free?
  • You get free brochures?
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The good news is that you don’t have to choose, because you get ALL of these when you work with

PLUS, we give you all of the fundraising coaching you need to make your fundraising event a success.  One of the best aspects of our gift catalog programs is that you can sell online and share on social media.

So, why not call and get a free coaching call right now?

More French themed fundraising ideas for your French Club

French Bake sale Fundraiser

What if you held a bake sale featuring only French bakery items?

You can find some great simple recipes for French bread & croissants online to try. First, test them at your school. You should also keep a list of your test group as they can be your first customers. Finally, only sell the most popular items.

French Restaurant Fundraiser

You don’t have to go to NYC to enjoy French food. Check yelp for the closest French restaurants in your city. Read the reviews and find the restaurant that customers rave about most. Contact them and ask them what their slowest night of the week is. Finally, ask if they would pay you a 20% commission on all business you bring to the restaurant that night.

Next, plan a French themed dinner party with crêpes, fondue and the works. In addition, be sure to talk about this on Facebook and social media. The restaurant will get a lot of publicity from this fundraiser, and they will be happy to work with you.

Travel Agency Fundraiser

Contact a local travel agency and tell them about your French club. Ask them if they will give you a commission on all the business you bring to them. Then plan a trip to Montreal, Quebec or Paris, France. Include lots of fun activities.

Finally, using social media, promote this French vacation package. Furthermore, you will get a chance to enjoy French culture and help defray the costs of your traveling expenses.

French Cooking Class Fundraisers

Charge a fee that covers the class, all of the food, as well as the supplies too. Pick an old favorite French classic dish like crêpes. Advertise at school, on Craigslist, and Facebook.  You want as many people as possible to sign up, enroll and pay an entrance fee.

Final fundraising tips for French Clubs

In conclusion, there are two kinds of French Clubs. The kind that dream about traveling, and the kind that make their dreams come true. Which one will your club be?

We would like to assist you any way we can.

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When you call, we will help you to select the perfect fundraiser brochure for your school club. We will also share some of our best French Club fundraising ideas with you.