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4 Easy Kickline Fundraiser Ideas To Try

Are you looking for easy kickline fundraising ideas for your school?

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Kickliners face a unique fundraising challenge, don’t they?

First of all, not everyone knows what a kickline team is.

You probably have to tell people often that a kick line team is a dance team and club sport organization. It is not strictly a cheer team or a dance squad. Instead, it is a unique school sports club of its own. However, many of our cheer fundraising ideas will work for you.

How do you describe what your kickline squad does? Many kickers simply ask, “Do you remember the radio city Rockettes?” That is exactly what a kick line team does for football and basketball games, hockey games and other school events. They use jazz and Pom style dance with a series of high kicks to energize the crowds at pep rallies and halftime.

Unfortunately, many states do not recognize kickline as a school athletics sport. This means you receive no funding money for your program. Because of this, it is funded as a club. So, boosters moms and dads like you must work hard to raise money for their kickers.

Kickliners will compete regionally and need to count on fundraising to help them with travel expenses and tournament fees. For example, many teams want to make it to the Nationals in Orlando, Florida at Disney world.

Finally, many kick line teams are community focused and engage in fundraising activities to raise money for good causes.

Remind your sponsors and donors about the benefits that come with being in a kickline club.

Ready to learn a few good kickline fundraising ideas?

Education is the key to getting more donations. So, tell them how kick helps teenagers and preteens.

  • Kick helps young people get exercise and stay in shape.
  • Additionally, those high kicks build stamina and strong muscles for growing teenage bodies.
  • It boosts their self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Furthermore, the girls learn all about teamwork and working along with others.
  • Finally, it encourages civic responsibility and the helping of others in need.

In addition, it is important to tell them WHY you are having a kickline fundraising event. People like to know the reason why. It dignifies them and allows them to feel good about supporting your kick team.

Kick line fundraising idea # 1: Hold a kick-athon. Kick-athon are a great way to entertain your fans.

You can hold the event in your school gym during the halftime show. Ask your supporters to make a pledge for either an outright donation or a pledge per kick.

Kick line fundraiser idea #2: Join our kick line fundraiser.

This is a great fundraiser for a local cause in your community. You can create a flyer that talks about your fundraiser and who you are going to help. Additionally, you can describe your 100-kick kick line and ask for a modest donation of $20. Finally, you can also tell them for only $25 they can join the kick line and dance with all the girls.

Kickline fundraising idea #3: Be a Hero fundraiser.

Talk to a local Hero or Subway shop. Tell them about your kick line fundraiser. Ask him if they will work with you and that you would like to bring lots of kids with money to their sandwich shop. Would they contribute 25% or 50% of all sandwich sales toward your kick line fundraiser? Remind them that the hungry students would also buy things like drinks and chips for them to make a profit on. Create a flyer that says “Be a Hero” on it. The flyer should have the following info:

  • The day and time of the hero fundraiser
  • 50% of the sandwich price will be donated to your kick line squad.
  • They must bring their flyer with them for the donation to be made.

#4- Kick line fundraising idea #4: Using fundraiser catalogs

Imagine a fundraiser where you got paid helping your friends and family by things that they like to buy anyway.

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Are you ready to start earning money for your kick line team?

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