Fundraising Ideas For Dance Companies

fundraising ideas for dance companies

5 Fundraiser Ideas For Dance Companies

Dance companies are always looking for ways to raise money, aren’t they? As a dance studio owner or dance teacher you understand exactly what we mean here, don’t you? Whether you are looking for money to pay for costumes, design sets, travel expenses to Disney World, etc., our dance company fundraising ideas can make a difference for you. We hope you find these fundraising ideas for dance companies helpful.

4 Dance Company Fundraisers To Try

Here are 3 dance company fundraiser ideas we think you will enjoy. They are a little more sophisticated than using your parking lot to give car washes. These youth group fundraising ideas can certainly help. We hope you like these ideas for your team.

Glamour shots:

First of all, you can make a deal with a local photographer and make up artist that are looking for new customers. Small business owners are willing to help you if you are willing to help them. You can arrange for people to get made up and look glamorous and professional. Additionally, these photographs can be used for personal or business use, and dating sites too. Your dance company can earn a percentage of all sales.

Spa night out:

Many people never treat themselves to a massage or a day at the spa. So, why not team up with the local massage therapist or local spa to make it easy for people to contribute to your cause & treat themselves at the same time. Furthermore, your dance company can earn a percentage and all the business generated that night.

Paint and wine party:

Finally, you can contact a local artist to give art lessons to all of your supporters. Have the artist select a scene that everyone can learn to easily paint. You can include a glass of wine for your patrons in the admission price. Make sure that your customers are all over 21 years of age before serving alcohol to them and be sure to charge a fee that will cover the cost of supplies, wine and the artists fee. Your dance company can earn a portion of all the sales.

Additionally, you can allow the artist an opportunity to up-sell private art lesson packages to all of your customers and get a commission on any sales from this too.

Ice Cream Fundraiser.

This is a great dance fundraiser that will help your dance team earn money. You can charge a set fee for people to make any kind of ice cream sundae they want. You can have the parents of the dancers serve the ice cream.

Fundraising for dance companies using gift catalogs

We hope you are finding these dance company fundraising ideas helpful so far.

However, our favorite way of raising money for dance companies is to use our free gift catalogs.

You might be wondering, “How does that work”?

  • We ship free brochures to your dance company.
  • You show our free gift brochures to your friends and family.
  • When someone buys a product, your dance company earns a commission.

FAQ about our dance company fundraising ideas

How much does it cost to get started? Your dance company pays nothing to start using our brochures. In fact, we will even give you the brochures for free.

How does get paid? When your dance company sells something you will collect payment upfront. You simply pay us from the money you collected from the fundraising merchandise and your dancers get to keep the rest as profit.

How much can we earn? That is up to your dance company. The more your dancers sell, the more you can earn. In fact, you can earn up to a 52% profit on every sale.

What kind of things will we be selling? We have dozens of fundraising products for you to sell, including:

  • Holiday gifts and wrapping paper. These also make excellent winter fundraisers
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Gourmet coffee
  • Furthermore, we have brochures that sell delicious snacks people love to eat like popcorn, cookie dough, candy, pretzels, and trail mix

How to start your own dance company fundraiser

In conclusion, we have a free fundraising kit to help you understand how our program works.

We also offer a free exploratory call where we can discuss your fundraising goals.

And finally, we provide you with all of the fundraising advice, tips and training you will need to succeed. During our phone call we promise to share some of our best fundraising ideas for dance companies. You will find our time together helpful.