$7,000 of Fireworks Stolen from Cheerleading Program in Sacramento CA

cheerleaders in uniforms

What can you learn from the story of $7,000 worth of fireworks stolen from a California cheerleader fund raising program?  (Cheerleader news story.)

A Natomas youth football & cheerleader program was robbed this week of $7,000 worth of fireworks.

Why is this so painful?

School budget cuts for football teams and cheer programs means they count on cheer fund raising ideas to make up the difference.

For example, the Natomas Junior Nighthawks would use the money raised from selling fireworks at games to help buy equipment and uniforms.

What does that mean for the kids in Natamoas?

Coach Mike Smith tells us, “When you go $7,000 in the hole to start, you know, we have to sell a whole a lot of stuff to be able to recoup.”

He continues, “Our goal right now, let’s just break even here, and call it a day.”

How do the kids feel about this?

How would you feel if this happened to your cheer booster fundraiser money?

Cheerleader Saneya Walters tells us, “All that money is raised to get things for our uniforms and our bows and a lot of things.”  It is understandable that the kids are frustrated.

However, you have to admire their attitude.

One football player, “Succeed over the small stuff and don’t let anything get in your way.”

The coach concluded, “Our motto is, ‘One team, one family,’ we stay together and we push hard even when we hit bumps in the road. We’ll be alright.”

With an attitude like that we are positive that their fund raising efforts will pay off. Source

Lessons for your local cheer squad fundraiser

  • Do you sell fireworks at your games? Lock them up securely in a warehouse instead of leaving them in the fireworks stand.
  • Install a video surveillance system to watch your inventory.
  • Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket. In other words don’t rely on only one form of cheer leader fundraisers for your squad.

Are you looking for ways to raise money for your cheer program?

The best way to have a successful cheer leader fundraiser is to get everyone involved. Successful cheer leader fundraisers have included:

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