Principal For A Day

School Fundraising Ideas from Washington – Principal For A Day

School Fundraising Ideas from Washington – Principal For A Day

Looking for ways to get your students excited about your school fundraisers?

You will enjoy these elementary school fundraising ideas from Washington.

PTO School Fundraising Ideas From Washington

Your school fundraiser will only be as successful as the support you get from your students.

The Peninsula PTO members recognized this from past fundraiser events. So they suggested something that many schools have never tried before. The student that sold the most candy this year would get to be the school principal for the day.

How did these PTO fundraiser ideas work out?

Principal For A Day – Unique PTO Fundraiser Incentive

The PTO officers set up the rules so that there would be a top boy seller, and a top girls seller for the school.

  • Dalton Freitig was the top candy seller for the boys
  • Kaylea Sherwood was the top seller for the girls
  • Each student was the principal on a different day

What does being the principal for a day involve?

The student principals got to go to the classrooms to get the students trying out for the big Peninsula talent show next week.


  • Each student had their own desk in the principal’s office.
  • They also got a clipboard just like the principal has.
  • In addition, they got to carry the radio.
  • Their own ID Badge
  • Personalized water bottle.
  • “Cool Principal” t-shirt.
  • Finally, they got to order lunch for themselves. It was not surprising that pizza was the choice.

Did this prize make the students work harder while selling candy?

This was the funny part. The young man who won the contest and outsold everyone else, said:

  • He never once thought about it!
  • It was “sort of fun.”
  • The best part was bossing people around.

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