Learn about the Most Profitable Winter Fundraising Ideas

Winter Fundraiser Ideas

Winter Fundraiser Ideas

Your PTA is counting on you to come up with the perfect PTA winter fundraiser ideas for your school. That is a huge responsibility! If you have to put your reputation on the line with your Parents Teachers Association, then you will want proven candy fundraising ideas this winter, won’t you?

That is exactly how Kristin felt. However, notice what she said about our PTA fundraising ideas with our wintertime fundraising brochure:

“This was our 2nd year in a row doing the winter fundraiser with them. There was never any confusion, and every order was already packaged per seller/student. Anything damaged or missing was all taken care of by them, no hassle for us. Will definitely recommend to anyone”

Thanks Joe.  If I ever get back into our PTA after my term is up this year, I will definitely come back!

Thanks again,

Kristin / RWES PTA / Glen Burnie, MD

Fun Winter Fundraising Ideas – The Perfect PTA Solution

The good news is that this candy fundraiser is affordable because many prices start at only $9. Here are some of the tasty treats to show your chocoholic friends at your next school fundraiser:

  • Peanut butter bears
  • Mint penguins
  • Mint patties
  • Milk Chocolate almond bark
  • Dark chocolate sea salt caramel

Friends and family will be glad to support your PTA fundraiser because all the chocolate candy is American made. That means they are supporting U.S. jobs, as well as moms, dads and students all over the country. These school fundraising ideas will help your school raise the money they need. Whether you are looking for an easy elementary school fundraiser or want to use it for a middle school or a high school fundraising event… This will work for you!

We supply you with all the free brochures you need for your school students. You also get a customized parent letter to send home with the children to tell them about your PTA’s fundraiser.

By the way, when your school sells over $5,000 worth of fundraising merchandise, your PTA earns 50% profit on every order. This is one very profitable winter fundraiser for your school.

Oh! And we almost forgot to tell you about the prize program for the kids. Your students will have a blast supporting this school fundraising program.

Finally, please be assured we want to help your PTA raise the most money and will work with you every step of the way.

Check out our winter wonderland fundraising brochure here…