Top 5 Boy Scout Fundraising Tips

Scout fundraising ideas

List of 5 Profitable Scout Fundraising Ideas

Scout fundraising ideas can be a tough thing to do.  Finding new ways to raise money for your boy scout troop can be exhausting, especially if you have held fundraisers quite often recently. Where do you turn next? You need to come up with money for your next group outing or project, but don’t know how to raise the funds. We have put together the top 5 boy scout fundraising tips for you in today’s post. See which ones your troop can put into action.

Hold a Dine and Donate

An increasingly popular way for groups to raise funds is through an event called dine and donate. Visit a couple of different restaurants in your area and speak with the owner or general manager. Tell them all about your boy scout troop and why you need to raise the funds. If the restaurant can help you, schedule the date and begin sharing it with everyone you know. Most restaurants will generously give you 20 percent of sales for a certain period during the day.

Host a Pancake Breakfast

Find a place, such as a VFW hall, that might let you use their space free of charge and hold a pancake breakfast. Pancakes are relatively inexpensive to make. Charge admission to the event and hold it for a couple of hours. If you have enough time before you need to use the funds you raise, hold a couple of pancake breakfasts to raise as much money as possible.

Host a Golf Tournament for scout fundraiser ideas

Pending the location of your boy scout troop and the weather, you could host a golf tournament for your fundraiser. Golf is such a popular sport that you don’t have to be a professional to enjoy the game. Boy scout fundraising does not have to be the same event all the time. A golf outing can bring the community together for a great cause while having a lot of fun.

A Night at the Bowling Alley

Bowling is still popular today with people of all ages, including kids. A night at the bowling alley could very well be what puts your boy scout fundraising efforts over the top this year. Bowling events can be held for the entire time the alley is open or for a set period. Talk with the alley general manager prior to the event to see what percentage of sales made that day will go towards your troop. During the event you can raffle off 50/50 tickets, tombola baskets and more in an effort to raise as much money as possible.

Yard Sales

The fifth and final boy scout fundraising tip is an unconventional one, but consider holding a troop-wide yard sale. If members of your troop need to clean out their attics or basements, then try to raise some money by selling old items. Yard sales are popular to begin with, but have never really been used as fundraisers. Make sure you promote the yard sale and all proceeds are going towards your boy scout troop’s next project or trip.

Every fundraiser your boy scout troop hosts should have a brochure that goes with it. The brochure can act as a marketing tool to spread the word. The more you promote your fundraiser, the better the turnout will be, leading to a higher amount of funds raised.


Profitable Solutions for Boy Scout Fundraising Ideas

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