High School Booster Club Fundraising Ideas

High School Booster Club Fundraising Ideas

High School Booster Club Fundraising Ideas


Welcome to https://fundraisingzone.com the home for easy high school booster club fundraising ideas Whether you are looking to raise money for your cheerleaders, football team, dance team or athletics department we are happy to help you. Hundreds of Booster clubs all over the United States have had success because of our program. Your students and athletes will enjoy supporting your local school sports program. Below you will find our simple fundraising process.

How can our fundraising brochures help your high school booster club raise the most money?

The answer lies in our simple booster fundraising program process. We take youth fundraising seriously. If you are willing to accept some free coaching and follow our 5 easy steps we will outline for you then your schools fundraiser will be successful too.

Simple – Our first promise to you.

We make high school fundraisers simple for you. First of all, we will lay out a simple fundraising plan for your booster club to follow. Next, we will help you pick out the perfect school fundraiser for your booster club. Additionally, we will give you beautiful four color brochures with mouth watering photos of food people can’t resist.

Finally, we provide you with all the free coaching that you need to succeed. Seriously, we will walk you through every step until you feel comfortable. We are committed to helping your high school booster make the most money. When you win… We win.

Easy – Our second promise to you.

What can be easier than selling things that people love to eat? Best of all many of them are only seven dollars each. This way your customers can buy things that they normally buy at a fair price while still supporting your schools team. This should make your booster club parents feel good inside. After all, it’s impossible to sell things that nobody wants, right? However, people seem to always find a few dollars to donate for munchies, candy and goodies. Your customers will LOVE our fundraising products.

Furthermore, all you have to do is collect payment up front and order your product. Simply pay us from the money you collected. We told you high school booster club fundraising ideas would be easy to try. Well, you can’t get any easier than that! You have our promise that we will only suggest easy booster club fundraisers to you.

Profitable – Our third promise to you.

Your booster club parents, teachers, athletic director and school coaches will love the fact that there are no upfront costs to your booster club. Additionally, they will appreciate that your school team can earn up to 52% profit on all fundraising items sold. This can be very profitable when everyone is on board supporting your schools fundraiser.

Finally, you won’t make any money selling inferior fundraising merchandise. You can feel good knowing that we stand one hundred percent behind all of our fundraising products. This means you get to keep the money you make! Our high school booster club fundraising ideas will help your school booster reach its financial goals.

So, are you looking for…

Free high school booster club fundraising ideas coaching calls

We hope you have found these sports fundraising ideas and youth group fundraising ideas helpful. We would like to invite you to a free no strings attached exploratory coaching call. You will have the opportunity to ask all the questions that you have. Share all of your concerns with us. Tell us about all of your worries and doubts about this working for your school booster club. We will do everything within our power to answer your questions to your satisfaction. We also promise to share some of our best high school booster club fund raising ideas with you.

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