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Wrapping Paper Fundraisers—The Perfect Holiday Fundraiser Idea!

Welcome to https://fundraisingzone.com the home of the best wrapping paper fundraisers on the web. You will find plenty of helpful information, tips, suggestions and advice on how to make the most money selling gift wrap. 
Schools, churches, sports teams and youth groups all over the country consistently vote selling wrapping paper as their favorite way to raise money for their nonprofit organizations.

So why is wrapping paper so popular as a fundraiser?


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Did you know that according to some resources Americans spend about between 7 and 9 billion a year on gift wrap?

That is a lot of money. Between birthday presents, anniversary gifts and all of the other holidays, wrapping paper has become a staple in many family homes.
what does this mean for you?
This means they will be purchasing it with or without you. Well, here at https://fundraisingzone.com we believe this is the exact reason you should be selling gift wrap too. So can you think of a better fundraising item that people need to buy every year? 
Lets prove it.
Think of the people that you know in your life. Do they ever buy wrapping paper? 
Of course they do! 
Now you know why youth groups like yours choose to sell wrapping paper to raise the most money.
Plus its highly profitable.
How profitable?

How does a 50% profit sound to you on our wrapping paper fundraisers?


So what would you do with the extra money?

Furthermore, whether you are looking for Sally Foster gift wrap fundraisers or Christmas wrapping paper we know you will find what you need.
Our holiday catalog fundraisers have something for everyone on your list. You will find beautiful gifts, wrapping paper and bows for all of your needs. Your friends, family, neighbors and coworkers will also love our wrapping paper fundraising catalogs.
Our fundraising experts look forward to helping you pick out the perfect gift wrap brochure for your organization. We have included them below. Additionally, you will love all of the free brochures, support and training you get when you work with Fundraisingzone.com. Finally, we provide you with everything you need to succeed.
Please enjoy the following articles that show you how to raise the most money selling gift wrapping paper. We know they will be helpful in aiding help you reach your fundraising goals. When you are ready reach out and and talk to a gift wrap fundraising expert. In the meanwhile, be sure to order your free wrapping paper fundraising kit here.

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Best Fall Fundraisers

The 17 Best Fall Fundraisers For Autumn   Are you looking for the best fall fundraisers for schools? Then listen closely. Here at Fundraisingzone.com we Read More...

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Winter Gift Wrap Fundraising Tips For Your School Club

This holiday season your friends and family will be buying gift wrap. So, why not tell them about your gift wrap fundraiser? They get beautifully designed premium gift wrap while helping your school club at the same time. It is truly a win-win for your customers as well as your school club. Read More...

Winter Gift Wrap Fundraisers

Booster Clubs Raise Money With Our Winter Gift Wrap Fundraisers

Attention parents and teachers of high school booster clubs! Did you hear about our easy gift wrap fundraisers yet? If your school booster is looking to raise money, then you owe it to yourself to check out our winter wrapping paper fundraising ideas for school sports teams. Read More...

Magazine Fundraising Online Magazine Fundraisers For Schools

Magazine Fundraising - Online Magazine Fundraisers For Schools

Magazine fundraisers are a great way to earn money for your non-profit youth group. Our line of fundraising magazines sell great and are easy to manage. Read More...


Details about Sally Foster Gift Wrapping Paper

Sally Foster, LLC was loved by schools all over the USA for its Sally Foster gift wrap, gourmet treats, and gifts for the holidays. The Sally Foster catalog featured high quality premium wrapping paper for every occasion. It also featured plenty of ribbons, bows cards and gift boxes for the many boxes of chocolate & cookie dough they offered. Schools & non profits received up to 50 percent of the profits made from all of the product sold. Read More...

Find Me The Best Gift Wrap Fundraising Company Near Me

Find The Best Gift Wrap Fundraising Company Near Me!

Perhaps that is exactly what you said when you spoke into your phone just a few moments go... "Find me the best gift wrap fundraising company near me!" After all, you want the best wrapping paper fundraiser for your school or organization, don't you? You want a proven winner that will delight both your customers as well as your peers. Read More...

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Sally Foster Gift Wrap Paper Fundraiser

If you are looking for Sally Foster gift wrapping paper fund raiser help... then please listen closely. We have some good news and some bad news for all you Sally Foster Gift Wrap lovers out there. Read More...


Gift Wrap Fundraising Ideas - 100% Risk Free

Gift wrap brochure fundraising is easy to run. The process is fairly simple. You would sign up to run the program, we ship you the brochures along with a free parent letter and collection envelope. Read More...

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Catalog Fundraisers - the Easy Path

The path is already paved for you- all you have to do is start walking. That means you give us a call and let us know how many people are in your group, how much money you want to raise, and which fundraiser(s) you’re interested in running. Read More...


Magazine Fundraisers - Great Profits and Easy to Sell

Magazine fundraising ideas are a profitable way to raise funds for your school or non-profit group. Our magazines are easy to sell and very profitable. Read More...

wrapping paper fundraisers

Wrapping Paper Fundraiser - Easy & Profitable School Fundraisers

If you are planning a wrapping paper fundraiser then you have come to a company that can help you raise the money you need. https://fundraisingzone.com offers elementary schools, PTO, PTA - PTSA leaders, cheerleading squads, booster club leaders, sports teams, school bands and other school groups a top-rated wrapping paper fundraiser brochure - its sure to make an impact. Read More...


Wrapping Paper Fundraisers for Your Parent Teacher Association

PTA's do all they can to provide educational and fun events for children throughout the year. Schools seem to run the same fundraisers every year, including wrapping paper fundraisers. Everyone needs wrapping paper each holiday season to wrap gifts for their loved ones and friends. Read More...


Wrapping paper fundraisers for raising money - Wrapping Paper Workshop

There was once a time early in the wrap game where people had to do more with less. In 1917, wrapping paper as we know it was invented on a fluke when Hallmark ran out of the flimsy tissue paper everyone had been using to wrap gifts up until that point. They quickly scrambled to figure out a solution. Read More...

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