Uncle Jerrys Tees Fundraising Alternatives

Looking for Uncle Jerrys Tees Fundraiser?

We are sorry to say Uncle Terrys Tees Fundraising has gone out of business. For over 40 years the brand served schools and kids group all over the country.

Today there is a website up on the domain https://www.unclejerrystees.com but it no longer does fundraising for schools, sports teams and kids groups.

The good news is that Fundraising Zone can help your school, club or team raise the funds you need.

But first…

Here is what we know about the old Jerrys tees fundraiser program that is now defunct.

Uncle Jerry’s T’s
265 Willow Brook Rd, Unit 1
Freehold, NJ 07728

The first time the website was seen on the web was back in January of 1999.

This is what the old website looked in 2019 right before it closed its school fundraiser program:

The old uncle terrys tees website logo
Underneath the banner it used to say:

Welcome To Uncle Jerry’s T’s Fundraising

Uncle Jerry’s T’s has been successful in the fundraising business for over 40 years. Every year we help thousands of schools and organizations achieve and often exceed their profit goals. Our fundraising products are high quality, affordably priced and easy to sell. We pride ourselves on offering outstanding customer service and we look forward to the opportunity to earn your business!

How Our Fundraising Sales Work

Putting together a successful fundraising program for an organization or school can be a real challenge. Uncle Jerry’s Tees offers you great fundraising ideas and top quality customer service that your organization deserves to maximize your fundraising success. We make organization and school fundraisers fun and seamless to put together. If you’re looking for great fundraising products, excellent prices and fantastic profits, contact us today. At Uncle Jerry’s, we’re here to make your next fundraiser a big success.

Best Selection Over 150 Items

Featuring a great selection of Environmental, Sports and Officially Licensed T-Shirts including Cars, Snoopy, Mickey Mouse, Pokemon Curious George, Blaze, Paw Patrol and more. Top Quality Towels, Blankets, Bags, Candles, Household Items, Gift Items, Mugs and Jewelry.

Absolutely NO Risk FREE Fundraising Materials

Free color catalogs & order forms. Free color posters to advertise your sale. Sample letter to parents in English and Spanish. Free sample T-shirt to check out the high quality!100% Risk FREE and requires no money up front!

Online Ordering For Out-of-Town Friends and Family

Shop at unclejerrystees.com and credit your organization for added profits and more rewards for your sellers.
Direct-to-home deliveries. Increase sales using email, Facebook and other social media to promote your fundraiser.

Student/Seller Site Promote Your Fundraiser Online

Easily create a personalized account on our website to promote your fundraiser using email and Facebook.

Easy to Sell Something for Everyone

Designs and products which appeal to everyone: male and female; all ages. Easily sold to friends, family members, and parent’s co-workers.
Does not have to be sold door to door!

High Profit Groups Earn a Full 40% Profit on all Items

At the conclusion of your sale, keep your total profit and just send us an organization check, cashier’s check or money order for the difference along with your individual seller’s order forms. You can also send in an official school purchase order and send payment after your order is delivered.

We do the rest!

What about Uncle Jerrys Tees Catalog In 2021?uncle terrys tees fundraiser catalog

The original fundraiser program had a catalog that looked like this to the right  here.

Unfortunately, today the website is a shopify store and no longer mentions anything about the old fundraising program.

Additionally, the last facebook about fundraisers was in March of 2019.

Furthermore, there has been no fundraising posts since.


You can see it below.

You will be happy to know that Fundraising Zone has several product fundraising catalogs that pay up to 50% profit on every sale. This means your school, PTA or booster club can still raise the money it needs.

Uncle Jerry Tees Fundraising Alternatives

What did nonprofits love about the old Uncle Jerrys program?
  • Great product assortment.
  • Free brochures.
  • No money up front.
  • Prize program for the kids.
  • And finally a reliable company that was in business for over 40 years.

How does the Fundraisingzone.com program stack up?

In conclusion, lets take these one by one.
  • Great product assortment. Fundraising Zone has over a dozen fundraiser catalogs that sell everything from food, candles, coffee, snacks and holiday gifts too. There are plenty of choices for everyone.
  • Free brochures. You get free catalogs to distribute to your volunteers. We will even custom design a fundraiser letter to send to each parent.
  • No money up front. Simply collect payment up front from your customers. Pay us for the product you order. Then your group keeps the difference as profit.
  • Prize program for the kids. Everyone can win a prize. The more the child sells the better the prizes are!
  • A reliable company that was in business many years. Fundraising Zone has been a family business for over 50 years.
  • High profit margins. Uncle jerry offered a 40% profit margin. Your church and school can earn up to 50% profit on many of the programs we run at Fundraisingzone.com.

Contact us today to get started.