Starbucks Coffee Fundraiser Alternative

starbucks coffee fundraiser alternative

Looking for a Starbucks Coffee Fundraiser For Your Organization?

Just drive past your local Starbucks and see all of the cars waiting in line. It doesn’t take a genius to see how popular Starbucks coffee is today. In fact, there is a Starbucks on every corner in some neighborhoods. You can also buy it at the local grocery store to take home and make it in very your own coffee pot. It is no wonder you are looking for a Starbucks Coffee fundraiser!

Currently, there is no official Starbucks fundraising program available on their website for schools to participate in. However, some schools have had success with partnering with a local Starbucks retail store instead.

What if that isn’t an option for you?

A FREE alternative to a Starbucks Coffee fundraising program.

Just suppose you were going to design a coffee fundraiser for schools that was easy to run. What are some of the things that you would be looking for?

  • Free to get started?
  • No upfront costs?
  • Zero risk to your school?
  • Free brochures?
  • Great tasting coffee?
  • In addition some delicious coffee flavors too?
  • An opportunity to make a lot of money also?

Well finally, your prayers have been answered. We would like to introduce you to the WICKED AWESOME coffee fundraiser for schools, churches and youth sports teams.

How can the Wicked Awesome coffee fundraising event help your school raise the most money?

Since people love to drink coffee anyway, your school can now help them to get their caffeine kick-start every morning. Our K-cup style pods make coffee making a breeze each day. Your friends, family and neighbors can now save money on coffee too.

Why do we say that?

It is because our coffee fundraising program is cheaper per serving than buying it at the local coffee house each morning. Your school PTA can now provide a tremendous product and value at the same time to your customers. Furthermore, your customer gets a great cup of gourmet coffee, saves money and gets to support your cause too! This is truly a win-win school fundraiser event. And yes…This make great school library fundraisers too!

But does the coffee taste good?

You were probably just thinking that, weren’t you?

So, here are some 5 star reviews on the Wicked Awesome Coffee sold in our school fundraiser.

“Wow – this is fantastic and definitely will buy more!” – Jolaco

“Vanilla & Hazelnut is the best flavored coffee I have ever had!” – Kelly

“Light roasted Gourmet Arabica Coffee is a favorite blend of my wife. I like the Vanilla & Hazelnut. It is an enjoyable blend. I drink it black.” – Fritz

“Great coffee and I will reorder!” – PJ

In conclusion, why not give us a try?

After all, there are a lot of coffee lovers out there. Furthermore we believe this is the best coffee fundraiser available. Finally, your school will earn up to 45% on every sale. We would love to show you how this alternative to a Starbucks coffee fundraiser can help your school the most money. Please reach out to us to ask any questions you may have!

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