Preschool Art Fundraiser Ideas

preschool art fundraiser ideas

Preschool Art Fundraising Ideas For Little Artists

Your preschool is looking for new ways to raise money for your child care facility. What if there was a way to raise money using children’s art? That would be great, wouldn’t it? We hope you enjoy these preschool art fundraiser ideas.

Although it may look like scribble to someone else, it looks like a beautiful work of art to a proud mom or dad or grandparent. Preschools encourage children to learn about all different kinds of art and crafts. So, you might as well find a way to raise funds using your student’s art work.

Here are three of our favorite fundraisers for preschools.

1- Preschool art gallery fundraiser

This is a very nice preschool fundraising idea for you to try. 

You could take the child’s artwork and mat and frame it behind glass. You can get this equipment from a local Michael’s craft store or a dollar store. Invite friends and family to the preschool art gallery to see their children’s artwork.

Additionally, you could charge a small admission fee. You could also open a concessions stand to sell food and refreshments. Parents can purchase the ready to hang on a wall artwork for a small fee. And finally, make sure the artist signs his original artwork.

2- How to set up an preschool art auction fundraiser

Here is another great preschool art fundraisier idea.

First, you can go ahead and use many of the tips we already shared in the art gallery fundraiser above. The art auction fundraiser adds a unique twist. It pits family members to bid against one another to win the children’s artwork. When a proud dad bids against a proud Grandpa the price will rise. The more bids, the more you sell the artwork for.

Here is a hint to make even more money with these pre school fundraising ideas.

Shoot a color photo copy of the child’s artwork. This will allow you to sell additional prints of the child’s artwork. This way you can sell a copy to the family members that lost the auction as well. This preschool fundraising idea can make you a lot of money.


  • Cost of the mat and frame – $10.
  • Grandpa outbids dad and buys the original artwork for $25.
  • It will cost you $1 to make a color copy of the child’s artwork.
  • Sell a print that is framed for $19.95 to dad.
  • Your preschool earns $15 on the first sale, and $8 on the second sale.
  • Additionally, you can sell plain unframed prints for $5 each. You can make $4 on each one.

3- Preschool art fundraiser ideas selling coffee cups featuring student artwork

There are online companies that will allow you to design custom coffee cups and T-shirts with your student’s artwork on it that you can resell.

You typically can make 40% profit on every sale. So imagine Little Johnny’s artwork on a coffee cup or a T-shirt. Friends and family will be happy to support the little artist and his preschool with your art fundraiser event.

In conclusion, we hope these preschool art fundraising ideas were helpful to you.

Our coffee fundraiser brochures are a great complement to selling coffee cups with artwork. Your preschool can earn 45% on every sale!

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