School Prom Fundraising Ideas


Fundraising Ideas For Proms

Every year in the spring, high school students across the United States buy dresses, rent tuxedos, and buy corsages and boutonnieres all in preparation for their high school prom. All of this cost money, so schools and parents alike are looking for school prom fundraising ideas.

On top of all those expenses, a ticket for a couple can easily reach 100 dollars or more. There are many costs that go into preparing for a formal event such as a prom, including the event space, catering costs, a DJ, photographers, and more.

There are many ways that proms are becoming exceedingly expensive for both schools and students, but that doesn’t mean that schools should stop having proms, or for students to stop attending proms.

An easy way to lower the cost of the prom and to make proms great again is by trying some of our simple school prom fundraiser ideas. These are genuine prom fundraisers that students can get behind and support.

How Can Using Brochures & Catalogs Help High School Proms?

An easy way to raise money for some of the bigger costs of your prom is selling some of the goods from

Student government is usually one of the sponsors of a high school’s prom, and they are always looking for ways to have students become involved in the school. A fundraiser is a great place for students to become involved. In the weeks or months leading up to prom, students can sell popcorn or Trail mix from

Your prom committee will love these benefits for your school.

  • There are no front costs to the school. This means it is a risk-free fundraiser for your prom.
  • Dozens of fundraising items to choose from that people want to buy. From cookie dough to coffee and wrapping paper, there is something for everyone.
  • Free fundraising catalogs for your high school seniors.
  • Additionally, this is very profitable because your school earns up to 52% on every sale.
  • You get free fundraising product shipping when you meet the minimum order.
  • Free coaching and training to make sure you have a successful prom fundraiser.

Additional Cool Fund Raisers For Proms

Here are a few more cool prom fundraiser ideas for your school.

These prom committee ideas have been proven to work well when combined with our snack fundraisers.

Open snack concession stands in the lunchroom.

What student doesn’t want a little sweet snack to finish off lunch? To properly gain the most out of this fundraiser, you would want students to know that they should bring a few extra dollars to lunch. Also, it would be a good idea to have this take place over a longer time, for example each Friday during the last month before prom tickets go on sale.

Ask your high school sports teams for their help.

In addition to students selling candy and snacks at lunch, they could also take their products to school events.

Many high schools have sports teams, bands, orchestras, drama departments, and other clubs students join. These clubs provide a great opportunity to raise funds for the school prom. Students involved with the various clubs can sell candy and snacks to their fellow classmates.

Also these students can sell the fundraising goods at sporting events, band performances, drama productions, and other events which involve the various school organizations.

For example, you can have a soccer prom fundraiser. Hold a competition to see who can kick the most goals. You can get sponsors to pay for every goal that is kicked by their favorite soccer player.

Ask the students in the band for their help

Ask your school band to put on a concert to help your prom committee. Many of the graduating class might be in the band already and happy to help. You can make it free admission, However, you can sell snacks and drinks to raise money for your prom.

70’s proms

Imagine throwing a 70’s prom fundraiser.

You could play disco music and have a concession stand to sell snacks and drinks. You could charge an admission fee. Furthermore, you could have a prize for the best 70’s costume.

80’s proms

Many schools have had success running an 80’s prom fundraiser.

These are popular because many of the students grew up in the 80’s and 90’s. You can play music that was popular in this era to bring back the old memories. Furthermore, you can also sell snacks and drinks to raise additional money.

Hawaiian theme

Who doesn’t like the idea of dressing in grass skirts and playing the ukulele while hula dancing?

Throw a luau and play traditional Hawaiian music. You can hand out a lei to each person as they enter the door. Imagine the funny pictures and videos of everyone as you give hula dancing lessons.

Between admission fees and selling snacks and drinks, you can make this a profitable prom fundraiser.

Mom proms

When moms help their daughters and sons get ready for the prom, it often brings back high school memories of their own prom days.

Why not take advantage of this? You can combine this idea with the 80’s and 90’s prom theme we talked about earlier. Moms can get dressed up and have a good time for a change.

You can award prizes for anyone that wears their original prom dress from many years ago. Invite your parents to bring their original prom photos.

Western proms

You can have everyone dress up like cowboys and give line-dancing lessons.

Play plenty of country music and everyone will have a good time. This is a good way to raise money and have fun at the same time.

Prom dress fundraiser

Prom dresses are expensive, so you might as well look for ways to help raise money to pay for these through the school or individually.

For example several girls could hold a garage sale or do a car wash to help raise funds for prom dresses.

Zombie proms

Who knew zombies would be so popular? Well, they are, so you might as well take advantage of this opportunity.

You could combine this with a Halloween party since people love The Walking Dead. Once again you can charge and admission fee and sell drinks and snacks too.

Valentine’s day dance

Start raising money ahead of time by having a Valentine dance in February.

Mardis Gras proms

This is a fun theme for a dance fundraiser party. You can monetize it using the ideas above.

Project prom fundraising ideas

Is there any special project your prom committee is looking to raise money for? Any of these fundraising ideas would work to help you raise money for your prom projects.

After prom fundraising

OK, so the prom will be over before you know it. Many schools are looking for post prom fundraisers as well.

Perhaps you want to raise money for school rings, school yearbooks, or a senior trip. Any of our fundraising catalogs can help you to raise the money you need.

For example, with our cookie dough fundraisers, your school can earn up to $5 on every $10 sale.

Easy restaurant party to raise money

Tell a local business owner at a restaurant you are trying to raise money for your prom.

Ask them what their slowest night of the week is. Tell them you want to have a school dinner there. Ask them if they would pay you a 20% commission on every sale that night. They would have to be crazy to say no.

You will find many restaurant owners willing to work with you. Some high schools do this once a month during the months leading up to the end of the school year.

Bake sales for your cause

What teenager doesn’t like to eat cookies, cupcakes and brownies? This may be their last chance to participate in the school bake sale to show off their baking skills. Teenagers have their own expense money in their pocket. A bake sale can help you to raise a few hundred dollars or more very quickly.

Car wash

Don’t forget the old-fashioned car wash fundraiser. This works perfectly for a prom fundraiser.

You can hold this on a Friday afternoon and if you advertise it correctly, you could earn a few hundred to a few thousand dollars before you know it.

Prom photography

Everyone will be too busy having fun at the prom. Hire a professional photographer to take photos of people as they enter the prom.

Additionally, you can have them take pictures for the yearbook and on graduation day as well. Think outside the box. Your school could earn a percentage of all sales to help offset the cost of the prom.

Get Involved with your committee

Talk to the prom committee to see how you can help.

Being a part of the process and allowing students to lower the cost of their prom is one way to motivate students. 

Sometimes it can be hard to motivate students to become involved, but not to worry. To provide an incentive for students to sell these goods, the school could pay for the prom ticket of the student who sells the most candy.

With the amount of fundraising that a student can be a part of throughout their high school career, it can be hard to keep students engaged. There are other ways to raise the important money the students will need to have a night to remember. can provide order forms for official after-prom merchandise that students can buy and wear to the official after-prom. What better way to raise funds and provide awareness for the school sponsored after-prom?

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