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Anime Fundraising Ideas

A local anime club is looking for some easy anime fundraising ideas…

Yuto and his fellow friend Otaku love talking about the latest Japanese anime videos, books and comic books in their high school anime club every week. Yuto, Jimmy and the rest of the club members have been eating pocky & brainstorming on how to raise money to go to the next upcoming anime convention.

Here are some of the easy anime fundraising ideas they came up with.

We hope you find these easy school club fundraisers helpful.

Here are some great anime club fundraising ideas

Your local anime club looks for ways to broaden Japanese cultural understanding in your community or school. Perhaps you meet on a weekly or monthly basis, and enjoy viewing anime, reading manga, watching anime music videos, karaoke and cosplaying. You love the colorful graphics, vibrant characters and large emotive & realistic size eyes of this Japanese animation art.  Your group also enjoys going to anime conventions and cosplay conventions.

It can get expensive to pay for travel expenses as well as anime convention tickets, can’t it?

Are you active on social media? A great way to get ideas is when clubs unite to trade fundraiser tips and suggestions. Perhaps you will enjoy trying these fundraising activities that go beyond a traditional car wash, bake sale, silent auctions or Halloween party.

Japanese restaurant fundraiser

Take your club to a local Japanese restaurant for lunch or dinner. Talk to the owner and tell him about your club and your love for the Japanese culture.

Explain your idea to help bring new business to his restaurant. Ask what his slowest day of the week is. Then offer to sponsor a Japanese dinner. Would they pay you a 20% commission on all of the business that you generate for them? Then invite all of your friends and family to an anime and saké tasting party! Remember, to talk about this on facebook!

Pocky Fundraisers

Pocky (ポッキー) is a Japanese snack food that comes in flavors like banana, lychee, coffee, caramel, apple yogurt, cream cheese, melon, coconut, etc.  Buy it wholesale online and mark it up for a 20% profit. The downside of this is that you have to lay the money out of pocket first and then hope you can sell it later. The hard thing will be getting people to try something new and getting them to spend their money on it.

Our Favorite Idea – Easy Brochure Fundraising

This is our favorite way to raise money for a high school club. They also have several advantages over the Pocky fundraiser and the Japanese restaurant fundraisers we discussed above.

  1. Whereas some typical fundraisers earn your club a 20% profit, our easy catalog fundraisers earn your school club up to 52%. That could make a big difference in raising money to go to your anime convention, couldn’t it?
  2. There are no upfront costs when you do one of our favorite brochure fundraisers. That means you don’t need any money to get started. How does that sound? You simply pay for the products from the money you collect up front from your customers.
  3. Unfortunately, not everyone likes pocky, saké or Japanese food, do they? That certainly will limit the number of people that will support your fundraiser, won’t it?
  4. On the other hand, our brochure fundraisers sell things that your co-workers, neighbors, friends and family are going to buy anyway. Think about how much people like to buy snacks like popcorn, candy, gourmet cookie dough, etc. Everybody buys this stuff at the grocery store each week. You might as well allow them to buy it from you so you can go to your convention.
  5. We have this fundraiser system broken down to 5 simple steps.

Will these anime fundraising ideas work for our club?

John and Cherie Gould wondered the same thing. However, notice what they found about our easy school fundraising ideas.

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