Magazine Fundraisers – Great Profits and Easy to Sell


Magazine Fundraising Ideas

Magazine fundraising is an easy and profitable way to raise money for your school, school booster group, cheer squad, dance team, church youth groups, daycare center or non profit organization. Fundraising with magazines has been an important part of all brochure fund raising endeavors. offers you the latest magazines for your organization or school.  If you are looking for magazine fundraisers – we have the answers.

Magazine fundraising is a time honored, productive, educational and easy way to raise money for:

  • Elementary schools
  • School groups
  • Sports teams
  • And other non profit youth groups too.

Tracy Hamilton Inc. has been offering magazine fund raising solutions since 1965. And our variety of magazines rivals the best in the industry. We have dozens of great choices for your school!

We offer you a great way to raise money with our magazines. Our program offers both $10 and $20 magazine vouchers. So, request a “Free Fundraising Kit” for you school or group today…! Magazine fund raisers are easy to manage with our great variety of choices. There are also dozens of titles to choose from. They include some of the following themes: money management, parenting, outdoor sports, entertainment, fishing / hunting, Hollywood, fashion, cooking and much, much more.

Magazine Fundraisers – Great Profits and Easy to Sell

Sell magazines to raise money
Magazines Sell Well

Our magazine fund raising ideas are great for schools, school groups, sports leagues–any non-profit group looking to raise money…!!!

    • Time / Life Magazine
    • Sports Illustrated
    • Parenting Magazine
    • Money Magazine
    • Fortune Magazine
    • Field & Stream Magazine
    • Entertainment Weekly
    • People
    • Cooking Light…and more.

Magazine fund raising using our current spring or fall gift shopper catalog earn profits of 40% for your fund raising school or organization. This means your school earns up to $4.00 on $10 vouchers and-$8.00 on $20 vouchers. Our brochure fundraising catalogs provide your school or youth group with literally hundreds of items. Your school will benefit because of the variety of magazine subscriptions we have available.

In conclusion, Magazine fundraising is a wonderful way to raise money for your group–simply contact us or set up your fundraiser online.

Magazine Fund Raising Information

  • Dozens of choices from Time / Life Inc.
  • Two types of vouchers for ordering.
  • Additionally, all orders are generally shipped within six weeks.
  • Both $10 and $20 coupons available. So, just mail them in.
  • A’la carte Sorting-everything to your exact specifications!
  • Furthermore, we offer a 100% guarantee on all of our fund-raising products.
  • Finally, please review our “Ten Point Service Package”, click here.

We have a simple and easy to follow magazine fundraising program to follow. Help your friends, family and coworkers to save money. Additionally, show them how much money they save by buying their favorite magazines from you. Remind them how it will also help your school program.

Contact us for Magazine Fund Raising Assistance

If you would like to discuss your upcoming magazine drive fundraiser or if you have questions then please contact us directly at 800.645.6550.
We have been in business since 1965. So, we’ll be here for you too. We look forward to your phone call.