Youth Sports Fundraising Ideas - Kids playing with volleyball

Youth Sports Fundraising Ideas

List of curated youth sports fundraising ideas in the news

We have scoured the web looking for the latest youth sports fundraising ideas in the news for you. See what valuable lessons you can learn and try combining them with the traditional brochure fundraisers we offer. So here they are in no p[articular order. We hope you enjoy this youth sports fundraiser ideas curation.

Queen of Hearts Raffle

In this first idea you see volleyball fund raising at its best. The Olney Tiger Sports Boosters is holding a “Queen of Hearts fundraiser”. They are doing it during the Olney/Edwards County volleyball match.  The drawing #3 jackpot is at $14,910.  And its only $5 to buy a raffle ticket or 5 tickets for $20. Additionally, Those Queen of Heart tickets are for sale at a (2) package Liquor stores ad a Furniture store. Source:

Lessons to learn include:

  • Team up with local businesses to help you sell more raffle tickets.
  • Hold the raffle drawing at your volleyball tournament. This can help you sell even more tickets and refreshments at the concession stands.
  • Offer a discount if people buy more tickets.

Golf tournament Idea

This is an alumni golf tournament out on by the ” North of 40 nonprofit group”, which was created in 2019 by the St. Michael’s and Santa Fe High classes of 1980 to help raise money for both schools’ athletic and activities programs.  This year’s event is coordinated by the schools’ Class of 1981 to make up for the coronavirus pandemic last year. Apodaca said the group is looking at holding a spring event for the Class of 1982 in order to get back on track with the schools’ 40-year reunions. Source:

There is lots of gold hidden here in this news release.

Lessons learned from these athletics department youth sports fundraising ideas:

  • They actually formed a non profit foundation to help the athletic departments.
  • Two schools join forces to keep the competitive rivalry going year after year.
  • Alumni players combine reunions with playing golf which is a write off for a business expense.
  • They invite different graduating class years to play.
  • Businesses and individuals can purchase sponsorships, with individuals paying $125 and businesses purchasing $1,000-2,500 sponsorships. Apodaca said businesses who purchase $2,500 sponsorships will have a banner hung in their respective school’s gym.

Happy Trails Challenge

So how do you run a sports event to raise funds during a pandemic? Notice what the Rocky Mountain Youth Corps did. It serves two purposes:

  • It allows social distancing and safe participation through a virtual challenge.
  • Furthermore, friends , family and former alumni can participate even though they live far away.

Happy Trails encourages registrants to log miles on the trails, whether it’s running, hiking, biking or a combination. Those who log the most miles win prizes.

Additionally, it has the ability to reach more people than an in-person event

“Our alumni core members live all over the country now and even all over the world,” Van De Carr said. “In order to engage them in our fundraising event, this is a virtual challenge so folks can participate from anywhere in the country and anywhere in the world. That way, we can reach out to people in other parts of the country as well as our service area, which is the 10 counties in Northwest Colorado.”

Registration for the challenge is $45 and includes a Happy Trails T-shirt. In addition to the top three performers in each category earning prizes, there will also be random drawings for registrants to win prizes. Winners will be announced Sept. 21 in a Facebook livestream on the RMYC page. Source:

Lessons to learn from this hiking event:

  • Charge an entry fee.
  • Give out a free t-shirt which advertises your event for next year.
  • Provide opportunities for everyone to win a prize.
  • Use facebook livestream to keep everyone connected.

Relay for Life to raise $50,000

The Washington County Relay for Life is nearing its 2021 goal of $50,000.

This year’s sponsors included: American Legion Post 64, Belpre Holiday Lights, Bridgeport Equipment & Tools, and Broughton Foods. Captain D’s, City of Belpre, Civitan Clubs of Marietta, CPC Ink and Event Designs. Charlie Wentz Insurance, Franklin Sign Machines, Giant Eagle and Gutberlet Automotive. Haas Septic & Portable Toilets, Hall Financial Advisors, Harold and Betty Bonnette. Heiss Plumbing and Electric, Huddleston Enterprises and J&J Refuse/Ace Disposal. Jeremiah Coffee House, Lisa’s Sweet Shop, Marietta Times and McClure-Schafer-Lankford Funeral Home. McDonalds of Marietta, McLeish Auction and Northwestern Mutual Ryan Elliott. Par Mar Stores, Peoples Bank, Prairie Foods (Broughton’s) and Q Wagon BBQ. Regional Collection Services, Smith Family Singers, Solvay and Smittys Pizza. Strecker Cancer Center, The Citizens Bank, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Trademark Solutions. Tudor’s Biscuit World, United Rentals, Warrens IGA and Weber’s Market. And finally, Wendy’s of Muskingum Drive and WMOA Radio.

Participating teams included: Bridget and Anna’s Brigade, Cadets for a Cause and Cancer Crush. Cancer Kickers, Career Center Crusaders and Civitan Clubs of Marietta. Dimex, Fight for Healthy Families and Communities along with Harmar School. Harra Family, Janes’ Cancer Blasters, Kraton and Lowell Elementary School. Miller Family and Friends, Paulverize Cancer and Sorelle Di Lotta. Stewart Family, Strecker Cancer Center, and Thermo Fisher. Thompson Family and Friends, Tunnel Warren and finally Walkin’ In Memory. Source:

Lessons to learn from a relay:

  • This relay kind of event can be used for any cause our disease you want to raise money for.
  • Notice they set a particular dollar amount they wanted to raise for finding a cancer cure.
  • They signed up 43 different businesses to sponsor them in the middle of Covid! This means you can do the same!
  • Furthermore, they got 22 teams to sign up for the fundraiser event.
  • Finally, they were allowed to make fun thematic names for their teams.

Additional winners included:

  • The Newport Volleyball Club is hosting a Volley For Life Grass Tournament
  • A wiffle ball tournament that raised $!,000,000.
  • Christmas in July fundraiser to raise money for a community skateboarding park. They raised an additional $15,000 in engraved bricks that will be installed at the park.
  • And finally imagine a cornhole tournament with 37 teams competing with one another. Plus food and live music.

You may also enjoy these curated list of team fundraising ideas. has been helping kids raise money for sports teams for 50 years. Our website is filled with plenty of ways to do that. If you want to learn more about our free fundraising brochures and additional youth sports fundraising ideas to help your youth sports program then go here.