Team Fundraising Ideas That Work Year Round

Team Fundraising Ideas Work Year Round For All Youth Athletics

Find out About Team Fundraising Ideas That Work

Teamwork is important both on the field or court and off. So pulling off a successful sports team fundraiser takes as much effort to reach your goals as it takes to win a game. That is why you need team fundraising ideas that work year round.

So make sure everyone is ready for the challenge.  Sometimes doing the same-old-thing for a fundraiser can quickly bore you and your potential donors. As a result you may not get the involvement and enthusiasm you were hoping for. 

There are also some very interesting ways to keep people’s attention and surpass your goals for your fundraising season.  Providing ideas for sports team fundraisers that work is something we can help you with.

These team fundraiser best practices will work for high school, junior high school, elementary school, as well as for your local community team too. They can help your team raise money for sports equipment, gear, jerseys, uniforms, and travel expenses.

They will also work for all kinds of sports including:

  • Basketball team
  • Baseball team
  • Soccer team
  • Hockey team
  • Football team
  • Dance team
  • Cheer squad
  • And finally your bowling team.


Gamify your team fundraising efforts

Make fundraising a game in itself. You can make it fun and competitive just like a tournament. You can either award a ribbon, medal and prize to the top volunteer that raises the most money. Volunteers can become friendly competitors while still being on the same team. When you add a little competition plus public recognition to team fund raising, you will raise more money for your school sports program. 

Host A Formal Awards Show For Your Top Fund Raising Volunteers

Putting an awards ceremony together is simple, inexpensive, and offers an added sense of camaraderie to everyone on your team and the community that supports it.

Acknowledging the people who help your team encourages them to continue to donate. This is because people are yearning to feel they are making a difference. At the end, bring all of your donors together—Students, teachers, faculty, staff, and the people in your community, and host an awards ceremony for them.

  • The awards show can be formal, but the dress doesn’t have to be. Give people the option to dress to the nines or come as they are.
  • Offer a variety of awards: MVP for the “share” competition winner, and Honorable Mentions for those who donate the most.  Something as simple as decorated bricks for the most consistent donors are all very cool gestures.
  • Remember awards can either be trophies, ribbons, medals, plaques or prizes. 
  • Finally, give awards and a prize to team members who raise the most funds through brochure merchandise fundraising. Because this way you will reach and surpass your fund raising goals.

Do the Opposite of What’s Expected for your Sports Team Fundraiser

Bake sales and carwashes are cool, don’t get us wrong. However, by adding a fresh twist to your teams fundraiser efforts, it can take your fundraising from basic to big.

Focusing on one product, or better yet, one ingredient to highlight the competitive fundraiser can add some edge to your team effort. The same goes for yard sales, talent showcases, auctions and raffles.  

Additionally, focusing on a singular theme to play on a season, holiday, or popular event separates your fundraiser from the regular. 

Furthermore, try doing some of these other spins on the run-of-the-mill fundraiser most teams hold.

  • Instead of the boring silent auction, have a loud auction where noise and loud bidding is encouraged. Also have your cheer leaders cheer after every bid!
  • Opt for a baked goods sale based on entrees rather than desserts. For instance, think about macaroni and cheese, meatloaf, and baked chicken, etc.
  • Finally, have a car wash in your bathing suit or even better while wearing a costume! 

Maybe it’s time to go out of your comfort circle and try something totally different.

So, here are a few more ideas to help you do just that:

Have a “Share” Competition

Offer your would-be donors the opportunity to get more for their donations of time and energy, not just money. Use your creativity and research information on what kinds of posts have gone viral based on your sport. Then you can create a viral post, video or page on your school team website too.

Stage a “share” competition where your online fundraiser gets more exposure through social media engagement.

Here’s how:

  1. Create a Hashtag. Use your team name, your mascot, or any other distinguishing feature that is easily identifiable.
  2. Text and email your friends and family. Secondly, ask the team to reach out and talk up the competition while using the hashtag.
  3. Share and Share Alike. Thirdly, encourage everyone in your network to spread the hashtag like wildfire. Spread the word! The more they share it, the more their names are entered into a drawing to receive cool prizes.
  4. Check the Hashtag. Next, type your unique hashtag in the search bar of any social media site and every time it’s used, it will appear in results. Be consistent about checking the results daily so you know when to enter names into your drawing.
  5. Set a timeframe and goal. How many shares do you want and by what date?
  6. Document your steps.  And finally, how did it work? It’s important to document your success because you will be able to rinse and repeat this throughout the year.

Try these sports fundraising ideas for teams

Sports fundraising can be fun and profitable if you mix it up a little.

By taking time to brainstorm and plan things through, you can have a team fundraiser for any part of the school calendar year.

Crowdfunding campaign.

So how much money does your sports team need to raise?

Let’s say you need to raise $1,000. All you have to do is have your volunteers find 1000 people that are willing to donate $1 each. This is what crowdfunding is all about! So reach out to everyone you know online.


Peer-to-peer-fundraising is the first place to start.

Make a list of every friend, neighbor, coworker and all in your family. Reach out to them and tell them why your team needs to raise money. Explain how your team works hard to make a difference in the community. Ask them to make a small donation to support your youth sports fundraiser. It doesn’t have to be big. Remember, just like with crowdfunding, many small donations from a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign add up quickly!

Team shirt fundraisers

Selling sports apparel can be very profitable. Additionally, you can sell them throughout the year.

Here are some tips to help you.

  • Do you have a logo? If not, vote on a mascot and reach out to a local graphic designer that might be willing to help for the publicity of it. If this does t work, offer them a $1 for every shirt sold. 
  • Check out for logo designs starting at only $5!
  • Additionally, contact a local company and get quotes for each T-shirt, sports shirt and sweatshirt you may order.
  • Furthermore, collect payment upfront so you can pay cash for your team spirit sports apparel.
  • Finally, deliver the t-shirts and keep the difference as your team’s profit.

Used sports equipment sale

  • Collect gently used athletic equipment your players have grown out of.
  • Think about sports items like athletic shoes, cleats, sneakers, bats, gloves, gear, etc.
  • Furthermore, reach out and ask your neighbors and family to donate some old things too.
  • And finally, the moms can sell these items before and after the game.

The team potluck dinner

This is a great way raise money, meet your neighbors, and enjoy a good meal! A community dinner can be a lot of fun. 

What’s great about a potluck fundraiser is that everyone brings something different. You can charge a small entry fee to anyone that wants to eat a nice meal. Be sure to advertise your community dinner.

If you do this outdoors, you can make this a picnic fundraiser. Set up a booth for temporary tattoo art and face painting.

Team Restaurant dinner

Get the whole gang together and go out to eat after the game once a month.

A local restaurant in your community may sponsor you and offer a 10% donation on every meal your team buys. Invite your friends and family. The more you spend, the more your team earns. Many owners will be happy to offer you a restaurant percentage on their slowest days of the week. Additionally, many moms will appreciate a night out of the kitchen! You can also try this as a pancake breakfast fund raiser for your team.

Food truck fundraiser

Contact a local food truck vendor. Ask them if they would pay you a commission on every item sold.

You can arrange for the food truck to be at every game at the park or your schools field. This is great especially if you don’t have concessions stands. 

Additionally, you can ask permission from the principal to allow the food truck to come to your school campus at lunch every Friday.  Finally, remember this is an easy way to raise money for your team throughout the year.

The cook off fundraiser for team sports

Use your imagination because you can hold a cook off tournament for anything.

Most people think about chili cook offs. These can be fun for sure. However the players on your team like to eat all kinds of food!

So think about other cook offs too. Perhaps pizza, tacos, cheesecake, or cupcakes. You get the idea. Finally, remember to post the menus on social media sites like facebook.

5k fun run

Holding a charity 5k is a great way to raise funds in your community.

Whether you are doing this to help your team or a favorite charity, a team run is a lot of fun. You  can do it on the school track or in a public park. The point is you get people off the couch and out getting some exercise, while all the while helping a good cause!

Charge an entry fee that includes a free tee shirt commemorating the race event. You should also be able to get some free media coverage from the newspaper and press.

Team Summer Camp

People are always looking for fun ways to get exercise. Your team mates can put on a one or two day summer camp to teach athletes basic sports skills.

For instance, you can teach dribbling, passing, lay ups and shooting baskets for a basketball summer camp. You get the idea. Just plug in your youth sports team. Your team members may want to volunteer to help by being instructors and trainers.

Think outside the box for camp ideas like yoga, dance, cheerleading, weight lifting, bowling, track, swimming, mini-golf, etc.

Hire a photographer to take action photos. The parents might pay for these. You can then make calendars and sell them for even more money. You can do this any where you can get the space. Think about trying a local park, gym, school yard, or YMCA. 

Tournament fundraiser

Hold a tournament and raise funds for your school team this year.

For instance you could hold a free throw fundraiser. You can award a prize for the different classes of athletes. This way there are many winners.

Hold a fitness challenge

Team up with a local workout trainer or your school’s gym coach.

Set up a workout with push-ups, sit-ups, etc. This fitness challenge is the perfect fundraiser to help people lose weight and get in shape for their new year resolution. You can even do this on Zoom so people can participate from home.

Fundraising auctions

Hey sport fans! What about auctioning off some sports memorabilia?

Tell your favorite sports player about your fundraiser. Ask them for an autographed ball, photographs, or jersey. Ask your coach to be the auctioneer. And finally, you can then auction items off via a raffle or silent auction.

Local Business Fundraisers

Your community is filled with local businesses that will be happy to donate to your youth sports team.

Here are some ideas on working with business owners:

  • Make and sell a coupon book. Coupons are popular and people will pay for them if they are getting a good deal.
  • Ask for a donation. This could be money, gift cards, or a prize you can auction off later.
  • Sponsorship. Many businesses will be happy to sponsor you for the name recognition you bring them.
  • Advertising. You can also offer to sell ad space to your potential advertisers in your newsletter, facebook page and website.
  • And finally try setting up a business partnership. Offer to sell for them in exchange for a commission on every sale.

In conclusion, your athletes and volunteers are willing and ready to raise the funds you need. Every athlete, teacher, coach and team booster club member can make a difference for your organization.

When it comes to youth sports fundraisers, we have it all figured out already for you. There will be plenty of time for recreation later. Let’s put those smartphones and computers to work to make your online fundraising a success for your sports players!

Team fundraising can be a challenge, but with the right attitude and focus, it can be a world of fun. Everyone on the same page engaging unique ideas helps the team feel like an integral part of the fundraising efforts.  And that can prove invaluable to helping you reach and surpass fundraising goals. 

Team fundraising ideas that work year round are not easy to come by, but we have solutions that work!