Planning A Basketball Fundraiser Campaign

planning a basketball fundraiser

How To Plan A Basketball Fundraiser Campaign

So, what’s involved in planning a basketball fundraiser campaign successfully?

The good news is, you don’t have to do this alone. After 50 years in the biz, we got you covered.We make planning basketball fundraisers seem easy.

Follow these steps closely to raise the most money for your home team.

These nonprofit fundraising ideas are sure to make your basketball team earn the most money.

  • Firstly, choose a captain for your school fundraiser team.
  • Secondly, how much money are you hoping to raise?
  • Thirdly, decide on a fundraising goal together. Set up a fundraising thermometer to keep everyone updated on your progress.
  • Fourthly, contact a fundraising expert to select the perfect fundraising brochure for your event.
  • Fifthly, set up a basketball fundraising facebook page to tell everyone about your school fundraising event.
  • Sixthly, set up training with practice sessions for all your volunteers. This is a key to a successful fundraiser!
  • Seventhly, advertise your fundraiser on social media and in your local community.
  • Eighthly, and finally, emphasize safe fundraising habits for everyone. Students should never go door to door alone looking for donations.

What is your next step?

Talk to a basketball fundraiser planning coach today

Just as you need a basketball coach to take your school to the playoffs, you will also need a fundraising coach to help you raise the most money.

The phone call is free.

We promise there are no strings attached.

Absolutely NO guilt. Not even a drop.

Let’s talk basketball.

Then let’s talk fundraising.

We promise to help you plan the perfect basketball fundraising campaign.

And finally, after raising your money, we look forward to hearing all about your successful sports fundraiser. So please drop us a line!

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