Peanut Brittle Fundraisers For School Sports Teams

Peanut Brittle Fundraisers

Peanut Brittle Fundraisers For School Sports Teams

If your local school sports team is looking for an easy way to raise money, listen closely. Our peanut brittle fundraisers may be exactly what you are looking for. Whether you have a youth baseball, football, softball, basketball team it doesn’t matter. Because our peanut brittle fundraising ideas work for all kinds of youth sports teams.

Easy peanut brittle fundraising ideas for your school sports teams.

If you like peanut brittle, then you will love our peanut squares. Why? Because they have the same taste, just a smaller size. So, this means your kids won’t be tempted to eat too much at one sitting and get a tummy ache!

How does it work?

Your sports team shows the “Snackin’ in the USA” fundraiser brochure to their coworkers, neighbors, friends and families. In addition, each bag of peanut squares is only $7 and your youth sports group can earn up to $3.50 for every sale. Finally, that means this fundraising program can earn you up to a 52% profit on each sale.

You might be wondering…

“So, what if my customers don’t like peanut brittle?”

Guess what?

Our “Snackin’ in the USA” brochure sells mixed nuts, trail mix, chocolate covered almonds and butter toffee peanuts too. So, that means this sports team fundraiser has something for everyone.

Does the idea of NO MONEY DOWN get your attention? This risk free program means there are no upfront costs to your sports team.

How to get started with your peanut square fundraiser.

  1. So, first go and check out the Snackin’ in the USA brochure.
  2. Call 1-800-645-6550 for a free coaching call.
  3. Ask all of your questions to Joe or Chris.
  4. Order your brochures.
  5. Set a date for your event.
  6. Furthermore, send home the parent letters we give you.
  7. Spread the word on Facebook and tell them why you are raising money for your school team.

Take the first step and check out the specifics on this peanut brittle fundraising event. We look forward to helping your youth team.