Junior Football Club Fundraising Ideas

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Fundraising Ideas For Junior Football Clubs

Easy junior football club fundraising ideas

Jim & Paul are a couple of fathers that are volunteering time to coach the Junior football club for their kids. They understand that both education and sport play a big part in helping their children live an active and healthy lifestyle.

But how do you raise money to buy football equipment and cover traveling expenses to the next championship game? Immediately Jim looked at Paul and said, “We need to find some easy fundraising ideas for junior football clubs.”

If you are reading this page, this means that you understand exactly how Jim & Paul feels. You probably offer your help as a youth football coach or referee for free. Or maybe you are one of the parents or teachers in your youth football booster club. Either way, our junior football fundraisers can make a difference for your community or school team.

Easy fundraising ideas for junior football clubs

Easy is good because you are busy already. You don’t want to have to start from scratch to figure this whole fundraising thing out, do you?

This is where we can help you. We offer free youth football fundraisers that can really help your junior football players.

How do they work? Here is the deal.

Just suppose our free fundraising events could help you raise the money you need for your football club. Just imagine we gave you a football fundraiser program that includes:

  • FREE brochures that sell fun things to eat like our gourmet cookie dough tub fundraiser. By the way, the sports fundraising products are top notch and are affordable. In fact, many cost under $10 each. Pretty good so far, huh?
  • In addition, you get free shipping when your junior football team qualifies.
  • You also pay nothing to start. In fact, there are no upfront costs to start your football fundraiser. All you have to pay for is the products you sell. The good news is you can collect payment from your friends and family upfront for the fundraising items they buy. This means your sales actually fund your fundraiser!
  • Finally, your youth football club earns up to 52% on each sale. So you can see this can be a very profitable youth sports fundraiser.

More easy fundraisers for junior football teams

Our sports fundraisers work great with any other fundraising events you might have during the year. So, please take these school club fundraising ideas seriously.

Find local sponsors.

Approach a local chiropractor in your neighborhood. Tell him you are looking for an “official chiropractor” for your sports team. Tell them how many kids are on your junior football league. Remind them that the kids will need regular adjustments after getting banged up in football practice and during football games. Then work out a sponsorship program to give them a free commercial every game day.

Gourmet popcorn fundraisers

Your friends and family are buying popcorn at the store already. Our gourmet popcorn fundraisers offer delicious popcorn flavors for only $7 each. There are many mouth watering varieties to choose from. Learn more here about using our sports fundraising ideas using popcorn.

Football autograph raffle

Here are a few more great football fundraising ideas.

Write your local pro football team or any local sports team for that matter. Tell them about your junior football club. Explain to them you are trying to raise money for your junior football players. Ask them if they would send you their autograph. You can have them autograph a football, a jersey, or a photo.

Finally, you can hold a silent auction to sell the autograph to the highest bidder. Advertise on Facebook and social media to get the most bidders.

Ready to raise money for your junior football team?

How about a free coaching call?

Read some of our school fundraising success stories and call us at 1-800-645-6550 to schedule your free conference call.

We promise to share with you our best junior football fundraising ideas.