Fundraising Ideas For Basketball Teams— Easy, Best, Profitable

fundraising ideas for basketball teams

 Who else is looking for the top fundraising ideas for basketball teams?

We would like to help you. Sports fundraising is serious business. After helping school teams raise money for over 50 years, we have learned a few things to help your basketball team earn the most money. So we hope our top fundraising ideas for basketball teams are helpful to you.

Easy fundraising ideas for YOUR basketball team.

Your PTA parents are busy already, aren’t they? Parents have to work, cook, take care of the house and children and finally, even drive their children to basketball practice. There is not a lot of extra time to plan a basketball fundraiser, is there?

So we hope these easy basketball fundraising ideas will help you.

1. The basketball team garage sale.

If there are 10 or 12 basketball players on your team, then you must have 10 to 12 families that can put their resources together. This could make one heck of a huge garage sale fundraiser.

Make it obvious that the parents can either donate everything to the fundraiser or donate a portion of the proceeds. Furthermore, you can ask neighbors, friends and family if they would like to donate items to help your basketball team reach their fundraising goal. So, if you haven’t tried this yet, give it a whirl.

2. The basketball team car wash.

Pick a nice spring day for the car wash fundraiser. Get everyone on the team to help out.

Furthermore, ask if the school cheerleaders can help attract cars driving by to stop in and get their car washed.

Additionally, make sure they have signs that they can wave to the cars that pass by. Ask if they can do some of their cheer routines to catch people’s attention.

And finally, be sure be sure to advertise with basketball fundraising flyers, email, texts and social media.

3. The basketball team bake sale.

Between the 10 to 12 parents of the players on the team, plus everyone in the booster club, you could put on a really nice bake sale.

Let’s face it, people like to eat home baked goodies. Some people will gladly donate for homemade cookies, brownies, muffins and cupcakes. This is because you can’t compare store bought baked products to homemade ones.

Yes, we understand you have tried all of these before. However, if they have made you money, why would you not do them again? Sometimes people are looking for something new, when all along they have a school fundraiser that works.

Nevertheless, while this is a good beginning, it’s not enough to raise the money your basketball team needs, is it?

That’s why we suggest you combine these old-fashioned school fundraisers with some of our best basketball fundraisers listed below.

Our best fundraising ideas for youth basketball.

These are some of the best school  fundraisers we have for sports teams.

1. Winter fundraising brochure.

One of our best fundraising ideas for basketball teams is our winter fundraising catalog.

Imagine a beautiful brochure that sells gift wrap and holiday presents that you would be proud to sell.

What makes this one of our best fundraising ideas? Actually the answer is pretty easy. It is because your friends and family will be buying these items any way, come the holiday season.

2. Sell coffee with our coffee fundraising brochure.

Parents that have been running around all day long taking care of a career and the family are tired, aren’t they? In fact coffee is a necessity sometimes, isn’t it?

Not convinced? Ask your friends, family and coworkers how many cups of coffee they drink a day. Then ask them how much they spend on buying coffee every day. This research will show you who will be your ideal customers.

We give you free brochures that offer many gourmet coffee flavors. Finally, simply show the brochure and collect payment upfront.

3. Healthy snack fundraiser.

Many people are looking for healthy snack options for their children. Perhaps you are one of these people.

So, how can you take advantage of this healthy trend? Our healthy snack fundraising brochure is the answer.

There are all kinds of nuts, fruit, seeds and trail mix. After all, everybody knows that nuts are a great source of protein, vitamins and minerals that growing teens require.

Additionally, we give you everything need to succeed in raising money for your sports team.

Profitable fundraiser ideas for basketball teams.

You want to make the most money for your basketball team don’t you? That’s why we think you will love these fundraising brochures.

For instance, check out how profitable this fundraiser can be:

  • Your school team earns up to a 50% profit on every sale.
  • Many products are only seven dollars which means you will be able to sell more fundraising merchandise.
  • Your basketball program has no money out of pocket. This means there are no upfront costs to your booster club.
  • 100% risk-free because we give you everything for free.
  • We stand 100% behind our products because we want your customers to love everything they buy.
  • This means you now have a list of people that are approved buyers. All you have to do is go back to them and show them the same brochure next year to repeat your successful basketball fundraiser again.

By the way—this applies to our winter fundraiser, coffee fundraiser,  healthy snack fundraiser, and many more. Ask about our gourmet popcorn and cookie dough fundraisers too.

There you have it. Our easy, best, and profitable basketball fundraisers for school teams.

Want to hear a secret?

How to get free advice for basketball team fundraisers.

In conclusion, many PTA members are surprised to hear about our complementary coaching session.

Let’s talk about why you are raising money for your basketball team. We will discuss how much money you need to raise. Then we promise to share some of our best basketball fundraising ideas with you.

And finally, if you like what we have to say, then we will help you find the perfect fundraising brochure for your basketball team.

We look forward to your call!

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