Easy Basketball Fundraising Events

basketball fundraising events tips

 Tips for easy basketball fundraising events

Who else is working for tips for easy basketball fundraising events?

A successful basketball team needs for all the players to cooperate to win a game. Similarly, everyone on your team needs to cooperate in order to have an effective basketball fundraiser event.

When we say everyone, we mean everyone. This includes the coach, parents in the basketball booster club, as well as every basketball player. There can be no bench warmers if you want your school sports team fundraiser to be a success.

All easy basketball fundraising events include the following:

  • Just as every school team has a team captain, you’ll need to choose a team captain for your basket ball fundraiser. Pick somebody with leadership skills.
  • Additionally, just as your school team needs cheerleaders, your fundraiser will need someone to motivate the fundraising team. It is important to help everyone focus on raising money until you reach your fundraising goal.
  • Finally, just as a basketball team needs to do practice drills to beat the competition, your volunteers need to practice in raising money. So, you’ll need to appoint someone to train your volunteers on how to make the most money for your school team.
  • Just as every team needs a coach, you will need someone to show you how to beat the competition at fundraising. We would like to volunteer for that job. After all, fundraisingzone.com has been helping sports teams raise money for over 50 years.

Additional basketball fundraiser events tips include the following:

  • Firstly, set a fundraising goal before you begin. This way you have something to shoot for. Remember, you never make the shots you don’t shoot for!
  • Secondly, set up a fundraising thermometer that everyone can see.
  • Thirdly, make sure to tell the parents why you are raising money. Make sure you explain how it will affect their children personally. This way they will want to help you help their children become superstars on the courts.
  • In addition, select a brochure that includes fundraising products that people want to buy. How do you know if people will support your school fundraiser? Simply sell things that people are buying already. For instance, do you know anyone that drinks coffee? This would be a good example of a fundraiser that sells fundraising merchandise that people use every week.
  • Furthermore, we encourage you to sell fundraising merchandise that people could afford. For example, many of our fundraising items start at only seven dollars each, like our gourmet popcorn fundraiser. This is very popular with schools because the popcorn is so affordable.
  • Design a fundraising schedule for the school year. For example, many schools and youth teams will hold a spring fundraiser, as well as a fall or winter fundraiser. You will be happy to know that we have special fund raising catalogs for each of these occasions.

Our most valuable basketball fundraising event tip would have to be…

In conclusion, the most valuable fundraising event would have to be talking to a fundraising expert before you even begin. Because of that, we offer a complementary coaching call.

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