Best Travel Baseball Fundraisers

best baseball travel team fundraisers

8 Best Fundraisers For Travel Baseball Teams

Does your youth team travel a lot?  Then listen up closely because in this article we will share our best travel baseball fundraisers with you.

Traveling teams face unique challenges. Where do you get the money to rent buses and pay for hotel lodging? As a travel team, you understand how expensive this can be.

These 8 baseball fundraising ideas for travel teams may be exactly what you are looking for!

How Do You Get Sponsorships For Travel Baseball Teams?

Every traveling youth sports team should make it a goal to get some sponsors from the local community.

This does take work, however, the pay off is definitely worth it. When you get a local sponsor to back your team, they may stay with you for many years to come.

Just imagine reaching out to a landscaper in your neighborhood. 

So why would a luxury landscaper want to sponsor your sports team? Luxury landscapers charge anywhere from $3000-$15,000 for a big project. If they only got one project a year from sponsoring your team, it would definitely be worth it to them.

So the next question you might be asking is, “how do you write a baseball sponsorship letter that converts businesses into sponsors?” We recently wrote an article on this I think you’ll enjoy it.

So how can travel teams make money with fun runs?

This is a great spring training fundraising idea for your travel team.

Imagine being stuck indoors all winter long. At the first sign of spring you are just itching to get outside. Furthermore, most of your neighbors are ready to get some exercise with the warmer weather too.

So your fun run might be exactly what they are looking for. Additionally, your marathon is also a great way to get your ball players in shape for spring training.

So how do you make money with your fun run?

The simplest way to do this is for everyone on your team to ask friends and family to sponsor them for a dollar amount per lap run or per mile run. You can also invite your community to run with you.

Can you see how you can raise money for your traveling baseball team this way?

Why should you consider team spirit items to sell branded merchandise?

Your sports fans would probably love an opportunity to buy some team merchandise. This is a great way to earn extra money all year long.

So what are some things that you can sell with your team’s logo on it?

  • T-shirts
  • Baseball hats and caps.
  • Wool hats
  • Back packs and knapsacks.
  • Frisbees
  • And finally team jackets.
  • Coffee mugs

This is a great way to not only raise extra money, but to also advertise your team’s logo.

How to have fun raising funds with miniature golf tournaments?

Miniature golf is a great family activity for any night of the week. 

So how can your baseball team earn money with a miniature golf tournament?

The easiest way would be for your team to contact a local miniature golf course in your community. Ask them if they would give you a group discount for your event. You can also mark up the price of each ticket and keep the difference as a profit.

The best way to find out how many tickets you need to buy is to pre-sell your tickets. You can also purchase all the tickets upfront for a discount and hand them out to your participants afterwards.

As a twist, you can also contact local business owners in your community that loves to play golf and tell them about your special event. Ask them if they would like to play in the tournament. Explain to them it would be a great networking opportunity to advertise their business in person. Additionally, you can charge an entry fee per team. Since it is a write-off for businesses, and it is also for a good cause, you could charge more than you would if you were just selling tickets to friends and family.

Does that make sense to you?

You can also award prizes for the lowest score. Take photos of the winners and put them on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

What is the secret to baseball travel teams selling raffle tickets?

  • Pick a high ticket item that people would love to own themselves. The broader the appeal, the more tickets you will sell.
  • Luxury weekends are a nice idea. Contact luxury hotels and resorts and ask them what their slowest time of the year is. Furthermore, tell them about your good cause and ask if they will help give you a good price since you will paying the bill. The Hotel manager will understand they will have the opportunity to make extra money with room service, selling alcohol and spa packages. They also understand that if the prize winner enjoys themselves, they will return as a customer again and again.
  • Additionally, you can choose a few second and third place ideas for prizes as well. Gift baskets are always a nice option.
  • Decide a price for your raffle ticket. The lower the price, the more tickets you will sell. However the more you charge for a raffle ticket, the less you will need to sell. The important point is that the person must believe they were getting a deal. For instan, a person might spend $50 or even $100 on a ticket if they thought it was a brand new car.
  • Go to and purchase your raffle tickets.
  • Hold a contest to see who sells the most raffle tickets. Think of a really nice prize to award this volunteer. 
  • Put a chart on the wall or on Facebook that shows everyone’s names and the amount of tickets they have sold. This will create a competitive spirit among the ball players to sell more tickets.

Why should you consider Pancake breakfast fundraisers for your youth team?

You can hold this every month with your travel team. This will enable you to earn money each month over the course of the year. 

For instance, the local volunteer fire department in our neighborhood has a pancake breakfast several times a year. They have signs on every street corner. They team up with all the local businesses to help them advertise the breakfast fundraiser. Your travel baseball team could also do the same thing.

How to run a baseball camp fundraiser next summer?

There are probably many younger kids that would love to learn how to  play baseball in your community. Nationally, there are many parents that want their kids to have an extra advantage when they play team baseball.

You can help these younger players and help your team at the same time by having a baseball camp this summer.

Think of all of the drills that you could teach children:

  • How to throw the ball
  • Or how to catch.
  • Maybe how to pitch a baseball.
  • How to swing the bat correctly so you can hit the ball.
  • You can even show them how to steal bases.

Your summer baseball camp can either be for one day or several days. The best place to start is the younger brothers, sisters and friends of your ball players.

No matter which of these fundraisers that you choose for your team this year, the important thing is to advertise it using social media, texting, email and flyers. No one will know about your special event unless you get the word out.

Can travel teams make a lot of money with catalog fundraisers?

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