Baseball Sponsorship Letter Template

baseball sposnorship letter

Sponsorship Letter For Baseball Teams

Are you looking for a baseball sponsorship letter template to use?

We hope you find our template helpful for your youth sports team. Sponsorship is an important part of a baseball fundraiser for youth teams today. When combined with traditional baseball fundraisers, they make a very powerful impact together.

So how do you write a sponsorship letter that converts?

After all, anybody can write a letter asking for money for the team. However, you want to write a letter that makes a business owner want to donate to your players.

So before you copy and paste a letter baseball sponsor letter you found on the internet… You owe it to yourself to read this first.

Baseball Sponsor Letter Sample

Because it will help you to get MORE SPONSORS for your team. You can download a PDF version of this here.

USE these tips when writing your Baseball sponsorship letter

Use your imagination.

You are the owner of a small local business in your community. You have bills to pay and employee payroll to meet every week. Now imagine getting hundreds of emails every week from businesses that want to sell you advertising, marketing and goods. And now you get a letter from a baseball team looking for money.


What is your first reaction?

Now be honest with yourself because your answer will help you write a better sponsorship letter for your team.

The lesson?

When writing letters to local businesses in your community you should  remember the two magic questions for writing sponsor letters.

If you answer them both, you will get more sponsors than you will if you write a letter like every one else does.

Question 1: So what?

We have to remember that the first thing a busy business owner will say after reading a letter from a baseball team asking for money is, “So what?”

That may not be the answer you were hoping for. Yet it is a reality of a busy business man. In other words what he is really asking is, “Why should I sponsor your sports team?”

Question #2: What’s in it for me?

So now that you understand the “What’s in it for me” mindset of a busy local business owner, you will be able to write a persuasive letter for sponsorship.

Instead of asking for something, you must OFFER something of value instead.

Do you notice the difference in your mindset here? This is the mindset needed to write a successful letter to sponsors.

Question #3: What can you offer to make a business WANT to sponsor your baseball team? 

So what does a Business owner really want?”

Make a list of things your team can do to cause a business owner to pay attention to your offer.

New customers

Business owners want NEW customers. So brainstorm how your team can help your sponsor get new customers.

  • Offer advertising on your website, facebook page and newsletter.
  • Offer an option to put their name on banners.
  • Furthermore, ask them to create a special offer discount coupon you can give to all of your fans, family and neighbors.
  • Arrange for a 10% discount with the business for your fans. Tell people that they will get a discount if they mention the name of your baseball team.
  • You can also arrange to announce their business name over the PA system during your games.
  • And finally, some teams have offered to put the name of the business website on their baseball jerseys.

Search for philanthropists

Research potential sponsors that are already donating to causes in your community. If they are donating to a good cause already, they may be inclined to sponsor your youth team.

How can you find these businesses?

  • Search their business name on google to see if there is any mention of them helping local charities.
  • Do a search on google for non profits and charities in your community. Go to their “sponsorship” page. Write down all of the businesses in your area that are listed. Now you have the perfect list to approach to sponsor you!

Use Nostalgia

Here is an extra tip. Start with business owners that want your school or have played on your league in the past. Remember nostalgia is a very powerful tool to help someone feel good about supporting your team.

Free publicity

Some business owners have a big ego and want to look good to others. Look for ways to make them feel important.

One way is to offer to give your sponsors some good free press. You can issue free press releases talking about their generosity to your baseball team and how they were instrumental to getting you to Cooperstown this year.

One thing we have seen is making a big version of the check and taking a picture of them giving the check to you. This is great for a press release, video or social media. It helps the business owners get free publicity.

Send lumpy mail

Instead of a regular letter in an envelope, you should send an oversized envelope with the squishy ball in it you can buy at the dollar store for only a dollar. Why would you do this?

It is because they are going to want to know what is in the envelope that makes it so lumpy! Remember you can have the best written letter in the world but if no one opens it, nothing else matters!

Lesson for your team? Stick something lumpy in your sponsorship letter envelope.

Finally, we suggest coming up with three sponsorship levels so people can have a choice based on their budget. The higher the cost, the more perks the advertiser sponsor will get.

Stick to this template and you will have a better chance of succeeding because you are addressing the two big questions they are thinking.

In conclusion, if you would like to talk to a fundraising expert, contact us and we will share some of our best baseball fundraiser ideas with you.

You may also be wondering about these common baseball sponsorship letter questions…

What is sponsorship letter?

Every youth baseball team needs to raise money for uniforms, tournament fees and travel expenses. There are two ways to generate this money. You can hold a baseball fundraiser, or you can get local businesses to sponsor you. Simply put, this means they will give you money to advertise their business to your fans and family.

How do you ask for sponsorship for a baseball team?

You just have to ask.

If you don’t ask, you will never get a sponsor!

Start by talking to the parents of your ball players. Perhaps some of them own their own business and would be interested in sponsoring your team.

Additionally by using the suggestions listed above to talk to the companies your boy’s parents work for. It is always easier to talk to a business owner you know, than one you do not know.

How do you write a letter asking for sponsorship?

Step one is to read the article above because it teaches you how to think like a business owner. If you write your letter explaining the benefits of being a sponsor, you will have a better chance.

How do you write a sponsor letter for a sports team?

Do not write to a company. Instead, you want to address a letter to a specific person’s name. This way there’s a better chance of your letter being opened.

Furthermore, you should just hand address the envelope so it stands out from the rest of the mail. And finally we recommend writing in big letters on the outside of the envelope “PRIVATE”. This is another way to get them to open up your letter.