10 Easy Steps To Volleyball Fundraising Success

Easy Steps To Volleyball Fundraising Success 1

How to succeed in raising money with our easy volleyball fundraising checklist!


Perhaps, the thought of raising money for your volleyball team is overwhelming you a bit. It’s perfectly understandable. Allow us to take you by the hand and walk you through the 10 easy steps to volleyball fundraising success.


If you can count to ten—Then you can have a successful volleyball fundraiser with our proven 10 step success plan.

Step 1. Identify how much money you want to raise with your volleyball fundraiser event.

You must set a fundraising goal before you ever begin. Make sure it is reasonable and achievable.

Step 2. Select a fund raising committee for your volleyball team.

It might be a good idea to choose a few parents from the booster club.

Assign roles to the fundraising committee. You need to select a chair person, a treasurer, and a marketing trainer.

Many volleyball teams have success assigning the rules based on a person’s personal strengths. For example, it only makes sense to have a number cruncher be the treasurer. The best organizer should be the chairperson. And the person that is outgoing and helpful could be the marketing trainer.

Step 3. Develop your story.

If you want the community to rally around your volleyball 10 easy steps to volleyball fundraising success team, then you need a story that moves people to want to donate to your cause.

For example, make believe your school qualifies for the national championship. Here is an opportunity to put your town on the map. So you can appeal to community pride when you talk to your friends and family about why you are having a volleyball fundraiser.

This is also a good time to choose a fund raiser theme. Building your fundraising event around the theme makes it a lot of fun. Furthermore, it is easier to talk about it on social media.

Step 4. Select a school fundraising company that specializes in working with youth sports teams.

For instance, if you choose to work with Fundraisingzone.com, you would benefit from our 15 years experience working with school teams.

Step 5. What kind of fundraiser will it be?

For instance, will you be selling gourmet cookie dough, coffee or gift wrap perhaps? Your fundraising expert will help you to select the perfect fund raiser for your volleyball team. We promise to share our easy steps to volleyball fundraising with you.

Step 6. Order your brochures.

Count how many fundraising volunteers you have working on your team. Then be sure to order one fundraiser catalog per volunteer. Your brochures will go in the mail as quickly as possible.

Step 7. It’s time to start training.

Your fundraiser expert will give you all of the coaching you need to succeed. So, take everything you learn and pass it on to your volunteers. Thankfully, the fundraising brochures do all of that for you.

Make a list of all of your contacts including your friends, family, neighbors and coworkers. Make sure all students understand they should never go to a stranger’s home alone. Insist on making this a safe volleyball fundraiser for everyone.

Step 8. Your fundraiser brochures arrived in the mail today!

As soon as your catalogs arrive in the mail it is time to get to work. Distribute the catalogs to all of your volunteers. Instruct them to begin contacting all of the people on their list.

Simply show the brochure to your friends and family. Additionally, remember to tell them why you’re having your fundraiser. Furthermore, remind them how they will be helping you personally. And finally, show them how supporting your school team fundraiser will help them personally.

Step 9. Collect payment upfront on all orders.

This protects you in two ways.

First of all, you do not have to lay any money out of pocket. This makes our volleyball fundraising idea 100% risk free for your school. Additionally, you do not have to worry about hunting people down to collect money later on.

Collect all of your orders together. Send in your payments at one time to us.

The sooner we receive payment, the sooner we can start processing your order. We promise to ship out your product as soon as it is ready for shipping. Get your volunteers ready because your fundraising items will be delivered before you know it.

Step 10. It’s time to deliver your fund raising products to customers.

Be sure to thank them for supporting your volleyball team!

Take pictures of all of the happy customers so that you can post them on Facebook and Instagram. If people begin eating the edible cookie dough or gourmet popcorn right away, then consider making a video with your iPhone. You can use this same marketing technique for next year’s event. Get testimonials so that you can use their name next year when you talk to their friends and referrals.

Finally, it’s time to rinse and repeat next year. Remember to use last year’s videos, photos and testimonials! Keep a record of all of your past customers so that it is easy to remember who to call on.

There you have it! Ten easy steps to volleyball fundraising success. We promise it is easier than it looks.

Why can we say that with 100% conviction?

It is because our schools and sports team parents continue to use us over and over again year in and year out!

We look forward to helping you have a successful volleyball fundraiser.