Top Three Good Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Good Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Top Three Good School Fundraising Ideas

This is why we wanted to share these top three good fundraising ideas for schools. These ideas are great to raise funds for school for things like:
  • Athletic equipment
  • Class trips
  • Books
  • Uniforms
  • New desks
  • Computers
  • Finally, any other events your school may need.
The important thing is its always smart to have good fundraising ideas for schools on hand to put into action.  We offer a variety of school fundraising options for students, teachers and PTA’s. These ideas will work for elementary school fundraisers and middle school fundraising events.

Good Fundraising Ideas for Schools #1: Penny Wars

A popular fundraising effort these days is collecting spare change.  Sometimes it is also called “Penny wars”. Why is it called that? Well if you make it a contest it is a lot more fun.
Creative contest ideas include:

One 5 gallon jug per classroom

This fosters a team spirit with all the students in the classroom. The class that collects the most change wins a prize.

Boys vs. Girls

This can be a lot of fun too. A little competition can make this school fundraiser a whole lot of fun for everyone.

What can you say to raise money for your school?

Keep it simple.
“Hi we are raising money for our school ____________.  Anything would be appreciated. Do you have any spare change to help us?”

Add a fun challenge to help raise money for your classroom

Some schools have added a goofy challenge to help the kids want to reach their fundraising goal. For instance, one school the principal promised to kiss a pig if the kids reached the schools fundraising goal. As you can imagine the kids watched that fundraising thermometer every day until they achieved it. That pig kiss was witnessed by hundreds of screaming kids in the school auditorium!
This fundraiser is perfect for school marching bands, drama clubs, art clubs, sports teams and more.

#2: Brochure Fundraisers

Another option to raise money for your school or school group is brochure fundraising. Brochure fundraising has become increasingly popular and quite easy to setup. There is a brochure for almost any fundraising need, including:
  • Gourmet Popcorn fundraiser
  • Gift wrap fundraisers
  • Cookie dough sales
  • Candy sales
  • And much more.
Every fundraiser should have some sort of brochure attached to it. Brochures make it easier to spread the word and market the event. Your brochure should include pictures of the items for sale, prices, dates available and contact info for the point person running the event.

Good Fund raiser Ideas for school #3: Raffle Off an Ipad Pro

A big money raiser for schools tends to be anything raffled off to the community. But what would likely bring in even more money is if your school were to raffle off an Ipad pro. These typically sell for about a $1,000. Set aside the amount of tickets you plan to sell, how much they will cost and the deadline to submit them for the drawing.
For instance if you are selling the raffle tickets for $5 each you would need to sell 200 tickets to break even. Everything else would be pure profit to your school. So set a goal for 1000 tickets and earn $4,000 for your school. Make it a competition to see who sells the most raffle tickets and then award them a prize.
The raffle should last at least one month, but no more than two, so people know they have to buy their tickets by a certain time. Then, set aside a date where the winning ticket will be pulled. This should be an event the entire community can attend.
Once the raffle is complete, and the drawing has been held, you can take money from the proceeds to pay for the Ipad Pro. The rest of the money in the pot is for the school to use at its discretion or for whatever item it is bookmarked.

The Best Fundraising Choice for your School is Brochure Fundraising

Good fundraising for schools does not have to be difficult to come up with, especially if you have someone in the school with experience raising money. Of the three, brochure fundraising is the best option. Why do we say this?
  • Our brochures are easy to distribute, so you can leave them almost anywhere.
  • The attractive brochures design will catch your customers eye.
  • Your fundraising team will have less work to do.
  • You will also enjoy the best return on investment.
  • Finally, almost any group, event or product you are looking to sell can incorporate brochure fundraising.
In conclusion, it serves many purposes for schools looking to raise money. Why not call today for a free consultation for our PTA fundraising programs? We promise to share all of the Good Fundraising Ideas for Schools that we know.