Spring Fundraisers

Spring Fundraiser Ideas

Spring Fundraisers

Spring is here and there are reminders of it everywhere around you. Birds are singing, trees are budding, and maybe your allergies are starting to kick in too! That means it’s time to think about putting together some school spring fundraisers.

We hope you enjoy these 10 spring fundraiser ideas for school.

Are you helping elementary schools, middle schools or high schools? It doesn’t matter because these tips can help every school grade. The point is to get started planning your school fundraising events ahead of time, because time can run away from you very quickly.

By the way, these ideas work make easy prom fundraisers and successful school band fundraising ideas.

1- Spring cleaning garage sale

Spring cleaning is an annual tradition in many homes. So, this is your big chance to clean up the house, open the windows and air it out. It is also the perfect time to clean out the garage and basement as well.

Question…What will you do with all of the items that you no longer use or need?

  • Throw them away?
  • Drop them off at the Salvation Army?
  • Or have a spring garage sale fundraiser?

This is your opportunity to gather all of the other families in your school to join forces and have one massive spring garage sale fundraiser. In this way you get to do your spring cleaning and raise money for your child’s school at the very same time. This is an easy school spring fundraiser.

2- Spring car wash

I don’t know about you, but my car looks pretty dirty after all the snow and salt that come with every winter. At the first sign of spring, there is nothing like having your car washed and knowing it’s not going to snow again.

While some people enjoy washing their cars, many do not. Furthermore, there are many that will gladly pay you to wash their car for them. This opens a unique opportunity for students to have a spring car wash. You can get started for only a few dollars with a bucket, some car wash soap, and a few rags. Finally, car washes make money because you are providing a service that car owners want and need. This is a no-brainer school spring fundraiser.

3- Sell flower bulbs and seeds.

When the weather warms up and spring is in the air, many people start thinking about planting a garden, isn’t that so? This is a perfect opportunity to help their garden thrive. Because of that we have a fundraising program that allows your neighbors, friends and family to buy flower bulbs and seeds for their gardens. Your school and sports team get free fundraising catalogs and can earn up to 50% on every sale. You can learn more about that here.

4- Plant sale

This is a nifty idea for all you green thumb folk out there. Did you know that if you plant seeds in the winter they will grow indoors? They keep the seedlings under a light and make sure they get enough water to grow. Pretty cool huh? Then come spring, they will sell the plants to neighbors, friends and family too.

There is very little money required to get started with a plant sale fundraiser. You just need to plan ahead and be committed to taking care of your seedlings. What if you had each of the families in your school plant seedlings? Then you would have a whole bunch of plants to sell this spring. People will gladly buy plants from you instead of the local garden center because they want to help your school. This can become a very profitable school fundraiser.

5- Mother’s Day Flower

Mother’s Day is the biggest day of the year for florists. Why not capitalize on this?

You can partner with a local florist and ask for a percentage of sales. And then approach neighbors, friends and family to take their pre-orders. Collect payment in advance. Arrange for the pick-up and delivery of the flowers. Your school gets to keep the difference as profit. This is a fundraiser that most people won’t mind participating in if they were going to buy roses for mom anyway.

6- Break out those lawn mowers

It doesn’t take long for the grass to start growing in your yard once the birds start singing. Why not offer a lawn mowing yard service to raise money for your school or sports team?

Most people have their own lawnmower, so you won’t even have to supply your own. If the kids in your school are too young to mow the lawn, you could have the kids rake the leftover leaves, pull weeds and spread pine straw. There are many local people in your community that would be happy to pay you to do these jobs for them. This is a great opportunity to raise money for your school.

7- Coffee fundraisers for school

Your friends and family will need a lot of energy to take care of all of the things to do on their spring cleaning list. You might as well hold a coffee fundraiser for your school then.

Many people start every morning with a hot fresh cup of coffee. You can now offer gourmet coffee sold in convenient K cup sizes. Your school also earns 45% on every sale. Your friends and family will be happy to support your school coffee fundraiser this spring.

8- Spring window wash fundraiser

Most people have window washing on their spring cleaning list. The problem is that many people hate to wash windows. Can you see an opportunity here to raise money for your school? Why not have a spring window washing fundraiser?

There are two ways that you can do this.

  1. Wash the windows yourself. You will earn more money this way. However, you will have a problem washing windows on the second or third floor. So, how can you get around this?
  2. Make a deal with the local window washing company for a percentage of sales your school generates in their spring fundraiser.
  3. Additionally, you can do a combination of these two school spring fundraisers to earn the most money.

9- March Madness fundraiser

Once the month of March comes, college basketball fans are focused on the annual NCAA college basketball tournament. So, can your school benefit from this?

Why not make a deal with local restaurants or sports bars that have TVs? You can also advertise the March madness fundraiser with flyers, posters and using social media. Your students can earn a percentage of profit on all sales generated during this month.

10- Spring fundraising brochure

Last, but certainly not least, is your favorite spring fundraiser for schools.

This is our spring fundraising brochure. This spring catalog sells all kinds of things people love to buy, including:

  • Chocolate candy
  • Kitchen gadgets.
  • Flower bulbs and seeds.
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Coffee mugs
  • Gift wrap
  • Honey roasted peanuts.
  • Chocolate pretzels
  • Trail mix.

In conclusion, we make school spring fundraisers easy for PTAs and PTOs to run. You get free brochures, envelopes and free shipping when you meet the minimum order. You can learn more about our best PTO fundraisers and PTA fundraising ideas here.

Best of all your school can earn up to 50% profit on each sale. We are serious about making school fundraising ideas easy again. From cookie dough to gourmet popcorn, we have a fundraising brochure for every school.

Finally, did you know we offer free spring fundraiser consultations? Call or email us to schedule your free consultation. A fundraising expert will be happy to show you how our school spring fundraisers can help your school to earn the most money.


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