Private School Fundraiser Events

private school fundraiser events


Small Private School Fundraiser Events

Private school fundraiser events and catalogs are needed and we can help.  Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here right now would you? Thankfully, after 50 years in this business we know how to raise money with public and independent school fundraisers. We hope you find these ideas for small private school fundraiser events helpful because we know they will work.

Top private school fundraising development plans

If you’re going to be successful in raising money for your small school, then you are going to have to take planning seriously.

First, you are going to need a fundraising committee. We suggest three people as a minimum. One person to be a chairman, another to be a treasurer, and then a marketing captain.

Do you want to know what our top private school fundraising idea is?

Start early with your planning. It always takes longer to coordinate this than you might think. The sooner you start planning your fundraising efforts, the better chance you will have at making it a success.

If you only remember one thing, remember this… successful school fundraising ideas require advance planning!

Ideas for small private school fundraising events.

Just because your school is small, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to raise money for your students. These small private school fundraiser ideas can be very successful when everyone works together as a team.

We hope these small private school fundraising ideas and religious school fundraiser ideas are helpful to you.

Auction ideas for private school fundraising

The odds are that many of the students in your private school have parents with successful businesses. Here is an easy way to successfully raise money for your school.

Reach out to the parents that have their own business. Ask them if they would be willing to donate any services or products that you can donate to auction out during your fundraiser.

Here are a few examples:

  • A website designer can donate the labor to build someone a website.
  • A car mechanic can give oil changes and rotate tires.
  • A massage therapist can give a 30 minute or a 60 minute massage.
  • A business consultant can donate coaching sessions.
  • A restaurant can donate dinner for two people.

Then people can bid on each of these packages during the auction. Your school can raise a couple of thousand dollars in a day depending on the value of the gifts that you are auctioning off.

Fundraising for private school using coffee fundraisers.

Parents that send their children to independent schools are go-getters. They need a lot of energy to run their business and balance their family life. Many of them drink coffee every single day.

Our gourmet coffee fundraiser is perfect for private school fundraisers.

  • Your school earns 45% on every sale.
  • You get all of your brochures and training for free.
  • And finally, we have a simple easy way to follow the fundraising process to make sure your fundraiser is successful.

We believe this is the perfect fundraising event for small private schools because everyone drinks coffee every day. So, why not ask your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers if they would like to help?

Private school gala fundraisers

Another great fundraiser is to put on a gala event.

People love the chance to get dressed up, come and eat good food and dance. So, why not reach out to a local catering company and ask them for ideas for a menu?

Here are a few ideas to make your gala fundraiser even more successful:

  • Have a paid bar where you can earn a percentage on all sales.
  • Provide live entertainment. Make sure it is good!
  • Play good music that encourages dancing.
  • You can combine this gala event with a fashion show, or a talent show.
  • Additionally, you can auction off your prizes that were donated above.

Charge a flat fee for every person that attends the gala event.

Private school tuition donation

Some people are willing to donate money towards your independent school to help pay for tuition for the less fortunate in your community. So why not ask them for outright donations?

One place to start would be former alumni. Many of these people have become successful and would be happy to donate to your school.

Private school donation tax deduction.

Reach out to local business owners and wealthy philanthropists in your neighborhood that might be willing to provide a matching gift for whatever you can raise on your own,

Be sure to remind your donors that they can take advantage of private school donation tax deductions. Remind them to check first with their tax professional. This may be exactly what a business owner needs to hear before he writes you a check.

Private school fundraising letter

There are many different kinds of letters you can write to tell people about your upcoming fundraiser event.

No matter which kind of fundraising event you use, make sure that you give the big reason why you are raising money for your private school.

We also suggest that you show how the money is going to benefit them and their children.

Here are three types of fundraising letters for you to write.

  1. A request for parents or local business owners to donate products or services for your auction. (A letter will work. However, you will probably get better results if you talk to them personally.)
  2. An invitation to your gala event. Tell the date, time, and give a description of your event. Finally, share how much the admission fee will be per person.
  3. Finally, there are parent letters to announce the coffee fundraising event you will be having. By the way, we can help design a parent letter just for your school.

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In conclusion, we hope you enjoyed the small private school fundraiser ideas we share today.

However, we have barely scratched the surface. We have brochures featuring hundreds of popular fundraising products that your friends and family buy every day. Allow us the opportunity to show you how to raise the most money for your private school.

And finally, we offer a free coaching call. We invite you to take us up on this.

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