Head Start Fundraising Ideas

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Head Start Fundraising Ideas

Every child deserves the same opportunity to have a good education, health care and nutrition. That is why we share our top easy and simple Head Start fundraising ideas with you. These school fundraising ideas will make a difference in your community.

The Head Start Program does this for low-income families. Since 1965 it has provided a “head start” for children ages 3 through 5. Unfortunately, government budget cuts and a lack of sufficient grants mean that teachers need to look for alternative ways to raise money for books and supplies.

Thankfully, teachers and parents don’t have to do this alone because we are here to help.

Our top Head Start fundraising ideas you can use immediately

After 50 years of helping school programs raise money we believe we have found the “creme de la creme” of  school fundraiser ideas. Would you like to know what it is?

The answer is using the best school fundraising catalogs out there. What makes these the best school fundraising ideas in our humble opinion? There are two simple reasons.

First of all, these products are items that people want to buy or they are items they are going to buy anyway. For example:

So, logic tells us that if they are going to buy these things anyway…

They might as well buy them from your Head Start program. Does that make sense to you? All you have to do is to ASK them to support your school fundraiser.

Furthermore, these are premium quality products that people will enjoy using. That means you can feel good about the quality of each and every one of these items.

Why do we call these simple and easy Head Start fundraisers?

The answer is quite simple. It is because they are RISK FREE for your head start program to use. We supply you with free brochures, parent letters and instructions as well as plenty of coaching to make your event a success. Simply show the brochures to friends, family and coworkers either in person or by using these social media fundraising tips. Finally, you simply pay for the product you order from the money collected from your customers. Depending on how much you sell, your group can earn up to 52% profit.

This sounds pretty good so far, huh?

What do you think makes sense at this point?

You can order a free fundraising kit by filling out a short form. Or you can schedule a free “no strings attached” phone consultation with a fundraising expert because they would be delighted to answer your questions.

In conclusion, the ball is now in your court. Just suppose you called now and we gave you some great simple Head Start fundraising ideas that you could use immediately? Think of how good that would feel. We are only a phone call away. We hope to help you soon.

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