Athletic Booster Club Fundraising Ideas

Athletic Booster Club Fundraising Ideas

Athletic Booster Club Fundraising Ideas

Hey there sports fans! Are you looking for some easy athletic booster club fundraising ideas? Welcome to our FREE school sports fundraising program!

Here at we have helped high school athletic programs raise the most money for the last 50 years. See for yourself as you read some of our case studies. Our fans rave about our simple school club fundraising ideas.

How does this benefit you? Your school sports program benefits from our fundraising experience.

First Of All What Is Your Athletic Department Fundraising Plan?

Your high school sports department needs money to pay for sports equipment, uniforms, competition fees and traveling expenses. Budget cuts mean that athletic directors need to find ways to raise money on their own. The first thing to do is to take an idea inventory.

  • So, what is your game plan?
  • What is the amount of money you need?
  • What have you done to raise funds in the past? Car washes? Scratch or discount cards? Pep rally? Garage sales? Dinners at local restaurants?
  • What has worked for your gym program?
  • What hasn’t worked so well?

Most athletic booster clubs have found that setting up a few school fundraisers through the year seems to be the secret to raise the most money. So find your winners and then schedule them. We suggest you also check out our easy catalog school fundraisers to help you reach the athletic department fundraising goals.

Easy High School Athletic Booster Club Fundraising Ideas Using Catalogs

One of the best sports booster club fundraising ideas we have is using catalogs. Our catalogs sell premium fundraising merchandise that your friends and family are buying already.

This easy school fundraising program allows your athletic booster to get paid INSTEAD of Walmart! These school fundraising methods simply make sense.

How does it work?

  1. First of all, we help you pick the perfect fundraising brochure for your athletic dept. You also get to pick from gourmet cookie dough, popcorn, pretzels, trail mix, etc.
  2. Next, we send you free brochures and envelopes for your high school fundraiser.
  3. All your students need to do is to show the beautiful brochures and let people pick what they want to buy. Your friends and family will also  like the idea that many of these fundraising products are under $10 each.
  4. Your students collect payment in advance, because we want this school fundraiser to be risk free for your athletic booster club.
  5. You simply send us payment for the products you sell.
  6. Your athletic department earns up to 52% on each sale. The more they sell the more your sports program earns.
  7. Finally, we ship you the product and you deliver it to your customers.
  8. And please remember to also schedule another fundraiser with us next year!

Easy Sports Booster Club Fundraising Ideas

In conclusion, can you see how easy these brochures can fit into your annual athletic department fundraising plan? We would love to show you how simple and fun this can be.

What do we do from here?

Well, that’s up to you. We encourage you to call us at 1-800-645-6550 for a free coaching call. Furthermore, we would love to share some of our best athletic booster club fundraising ideas with you.

Finally, we look forward to meeting you and helping you raise the money you need!