PTA fundraising rules

Proper PTA Fundraising Rules Planning

PTA Fundraising Rules For Elementary, Middle and High Schools

So you’re looking for the best PTA fundraising ideas, aren’t you? Well you better follow the proper PTO / PTA fundraising rules then!

First, we commend you for being the PTA parents that are willing to make a difference in your students’ lives.

However, before you sign on the dotted line, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself. After all, this fundraising event will not only reflect on your local PTA, but your school as well.

So what are the official PTA fundraising rules?

Thankfully the official PTA website gives us a breakdown on what these fundraiser rules are. These guidelines will help you raise money for your parent teacher associations at your local:

  • Elementary school
  • Middle school
  • High school

The Official PTA Fundraising Rules

You can use these questions as a guideline in choosing or planning a PTA fundraising event that will be worthy of  both your school and PTA organization.

These questions come straight from their website:

  • Does it adhere to the PTA mission and purpose?
  • Does it conform to the non-commercial, non-sectarian and non-partisan policies set forth in the PTA by-laws?
  • And does it refrain from using or exploiting children?
  • Will it create goodwill for the PTA?
  • Is it a type of activity that can serve as a positive example for children and youth?
  • Will it provide the revenue to help meet the PTA’s goals?
  • Did the fundraising committee provide a budget of expenditures (e.g., materials and advertising for the event), as required by the PTA’s by-laws and standing rules?
  • Do the state and local governments require the PTA to collect and remit sales tax? Are special permits, such as special licenses or health permits, required/needed?
  • Is the liability of the PTA and its members protected through sufficient insurance for this activity?
  • Did the president sign the contracts for vendors and/or manufacturers? Do the contracts and products cover who is responsible for spoiled or damaged goods? For unclaimed goods?
  • Is the PTA using volunteers, or does it have to pay or contract with workers?
  • Have procedures been established to safeguard the handling of products and money? What are the costs for using a facility? How long is the event going to be held? Are there special requirements or restrictions for using the facility? Are fire laws and safety precautions strictly observed? Is the facility accessible to people with disabilities?
  • Is it an infrequent or ongoing activity? Be aware that unrelated business activities could result in some federal or state taxation of the income earned, or in the extreme, the loss of your tax-exempt status.
  • Are there local, state or federal laws that apply? Is care taken to see that no law is violated?

Depending on what state you live in, there may be additional guidelines for your state chapter.

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