Youth Group Fundraising Made Simple: How We Can Help You Reach Your Fundraising Goals

All across America, children are benefiting from programs and opportunities they can access through youth groups. Whatever type group, gaining support for your initiatives is going to be important to keep your operation running smoothly. That is why its important to run annual youth group fundraisers. Many of the activities youth groups need funding for include:

  • Mission trips
  • School related trips
  • Service camps
  • Sunday school activities
  • Outreaches
  • Special events
  • You may also have your own reason to make money too.

No matter what your youth group goals may be, we have a 50-year track record of success with helping non-profit organizations. Most youth groups rely on city or state grants and the charity of the community they serve. Youth group fundraisers are necessary because they help cover the cost associated with field trips, learning and fun activity materials, and food.

100% Risk Free Youth Group Fundraising With No Upfront Fees or Costs

We will provide a free consultation to assess your needs and hammer down the fundraiser of your choice. We will then send your organization free brochures, free collection envelopes, and free order forms with no shipping charge to you. This means you have no risk and all reward for your youth group fundraising efforts.

Our easy fundraising brochures offer various levels of revenue for your group to earn in each fundraising type. For example, with our Crazy About Cookies top-selling fundraiser, your group can make 30% profit of all sales between 200-299 tubs of cookie dough. It increases from there, with sales over 2000 totaling 50% profit. With a secure plan and the support of your community and organization, youth groups have the opportunity to meet and surpass their fundraising goals. Here are some of the additional perks that come with choosing our company for your fundraiser:

  • Free Prize Program: It has been statistically proven that fundraisers raise more money when children have incentives for their efforts. There are many companies that offer very high profits, etc., but if you read the fine print, you will see there are no prizes for the kids. Compare apples to apples, as the saying goes.
  • Fundraising Checklist: We provide a comprehensive and thorough checklist to guide you every step of the way toward a successful fundraiser. Our list offers both traditional and digital marketing techniques to ensure a stronger reach to your immediate and extended network.
  • Client Toolbox: Our unique client toolbox is a convenient and helpful resource of parent letters, reconciliation forms for orders, credit release forms, and sign-up contract forms in both english and spanish to help you with streamlining your youth group fundraiser.

Getting Everyone Involved

Youth have so much energy. The trick is to put them to work right away so they can see the results of their work, they don’t want to stop. Many teens and pre-teens have access to social networks like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Offer them some social media assignments to promote your youth fundraiser.

Organizing a youth group fundraiser is easy when you have a dedicated internal team and a fundraising provider with the experience and commitment that our company has. We provide a level of professionalism and support unmatched in the industry. Let us help you create opportunities for your youth group through easy fundraising that gets results.

Youth Group Easy Fundraising Ideas

Crazy About Popcorn Fundraising

The flavors Birthday Cake Popcorn, Chocolate Swirl Popcorn, Classic Caramel Popcorn, and Kettle Corn Popcorn come in large 1-gallon resealable bags to keep them fresh. These popular flavors are sure to be a big hit with everyone.

$10 Dollar Dough

Who doesn’t like cookie dough? This fundraiser offers 10 flavors of cookies to choose from.

  • Triple chocolate dough
  • White chocolate macadamia dough
  • Oatmeal raisin dough
  • Sugar cookie dough
  • There are also 6 other delicious flavors to choose from!

These are all are sure to bring in the dough for a sweet prom night.

Our company has been a known provider of quality product, customer service. Furthermore, we promise we will be with you every step of the way. Additionally, we will design your youth group fundraiser so that it meets all of your needs. Youth groups are a cornerstone that helps both children and their parents. , and it’s important that the resources you need are available to you. We’re always ready when you are. Give us a call at 800.645.6550 to discuss how to get your fundraiser started.