Why Do Daycare Centers need Fundraising Ideas

Why Do Daycare Centers need Fundraising Ideas

Why Daycare Centers need Fundraising Ideas

So why do childcare centers need daycare fundraiser ideas? If you own or manage a child daycare center facility and count on annual fundraisers, then please listen closely. This may be the most important thing you have read this year. 

As you know, many parents struggle to pay the monthly daycare tuition. The idea of giving more money to the daycare center doesn’t seem to make sense to them. Many parents want to know why they have to support a daycare fundraiser when they are paying a lot of money to the school already. If you don’t believe us, then read the parent forums online. They’re constantly asking the question, “why do daycares have fundraisers?”

You already know the answer to the question, Why Do Daycare Centers need Fundraising Ideas

Of course you do. It is very expensive to run a child care program. And there are so many unseen costs and problems that parents will never know about. This is why you need to count on daycare fundraising events especially if you run a non-profit day care center or special needs daycare center.

In a moment, we will show you how to get your parents on board to support your good cause.

But first, here are just some of the common reasons why centers look for daycare fundraiser ideas to raise money.

  • Supplies and maintenance for the school.
  • New playground equipment.
  • Enrichment activities like a swimming program.
  • Other daycares have fund raisers not for the school, but for a charity or to help a sick teacher or child in the community.
  • “Extra” activities like the Halloween festival, Christmas party, egg hunts, etc.
  • “Special” activities like school trips, moon bounce, fun bus, petting zoo, etc.
  • Buy more books for the library.
  • Pay for new chairs, benches and tables.

Will you make this common mistake with your next daycare fundraising event selling products?

Do you know what the number one complaint on parent forums about daycare fundraising is? Childcare centers that hand them a fundraising brochure without any explanation of why they are looking to raise extra money.

The result? The parents feel angry, resentful and taken advantage of when this happens. This is especially true if it is a for-profit daycare instead of a non-profit child care center.

How do you prevent this from happening?

The answer is honest and open communication between the daycare’s Board of Directors, PTO and the children’s parents.

We dignify people when we explain the reason why we are raising money for daycare centers.

Furthermore, the secret to getting parents to give their 100% support is to explain how the fundraiser will help THEIR children.

Notice some of these comments from parents:

  • “I don’t think fundraisers are evil when they go to directly enhance your child’s experience.”
  • “As long as I know what the money is going towards & there’s a “cause”… I’m happy to raise money so the kids can have more supplies, fun activities, etc.”

How can you use this information to raise funds for your day care center?

Simply tell the story of why you want to have a fundraiser.

Tell the parents how their support will help their children, adds to their education, their enjoyment of learning, and to have more fun.

Additionally, be careful to never take your parents for granted. They are your customers and the lifeblood of your business. Look for ways to have them fall in love with your daycare center so they will do anything to support your daycare fund raising ideas & efforts to help their children.

We offer free daycare fundraiser strategy sessions to help you raise the most money for your school.

The phone call is free, but the information will be priceless!

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