Spring Fundraising Ideas

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12 Easy Spring Fundraising Ideas

Looking for the best spring fundraising ideas? Good for you!

You know it takes time to plan a spring fundraiser from the start of the idea to marketing your fundraising event. And that is why you are starting now, so that you have plenty of time to pick the perfect spring fundraiser ideas for your youth group.

Do you run a daycare, preschool, church youth group, or local nonprofit? Our easy fundraising ideas are sure to help. 

Spring fundraising event ideas

Now that the weather will be nice, you might consider planning an outdoor fundraising event. Here are a few ideas to try:

  • Carnival fundraiser
  • Sports themed fundraisers
  • Walk-a-Thons
  • 5k races

Each of these is an ideal spring fundraiser because after a long cold winter people are looking for things to do outside. Isn’t that so?

Unique fundraising ideas for spring

Pine Straw Fundraisers. Many people are looking for ways to fix up their gardens. Some youth programs have had success selling bales of pine straw that people could put in the garden beds.

Make a deal with a local garden center that sells pine straw. Add a dollar or two per bail. Offer to deliver for an extra fee. You can earn a couple of hundred dollars selling pine straw to your neighbors, friends and family this spring. Remember to advertise your pine straw sale using social media.

April fundraising ideas

Brainstorm with your fundraising committee on ways to raise money this April.

Here are a few popular April themes:

  • April fools day fundraiser. You can sell April fools prank insurance. This protects the victim from any potential pranks. Target local celebrities and business owners and see if they would be happy to play along with you.
  • Tax day fundraiser. April 15 is income tax day here in the states. This is a perfect opportunity for local businesses to make a donation to your youth group and get a write off on the taxes.
  • Easter themed fundraisers. Use your imagination here. Think about combining a church fundraising event with an Easter egg hunt. There are plenty of opportunities with this popular holiday.

School spring fundraisers

Is your school looking to raise money this spring?

Then be sure to read these 10 proven spring school fundraiser ideas. Link to article. We think you will enjoy them!

Spring fling fundraiser ideas

Why wait until the prom to enjoy an opportunity to dance?

Here is the perfect chance to hold a spring-fling fundraiser. You can offer dancing, refreshments, socializing and fundraising altogether in one fun-filled evening. Fight spring fever with a spring-fling dance fundraiser!

Spring break fundraising ideas

Speaking of spring break…

Why not make a deal with the local travel agent to book a special fundraising cruise? Your youth group can earn a commission on all cruise tickets bought. Now it’s up to you to advertise this locally to all of your co-workers, schoolmates, neighbors, family and friends.

Quick fundraising ideas for spring

Once spring has SPRUNG, people are looking for ways to fix up their house again.

Why not make flyers and posters for your neighborhood advertising painting, power-washing, window cleaning, yard work, gutter cleaning and roof repair? You can make a deal with a local handyman for 10% commission on all sales made. This is a real win-win fundraiser for everyone involved.

Wacky fundraising ideas for spring

Slime fight fundraiser. Since young people are looking for things to do outside, you might as well hold a slime fundraising event.

You can find free recipes to make slime online and hold a slime fundraising event. You can charge a fee for the slime, and allow everyone to have fun with the slime fight.

Here is a warning for you parents out there… Your kids will have a blast, however it will be messy. So, be forewarned and do this outdoors.

Our favorite spring fundraising ideas involve catalogs.

Imagine a spring fundraiser catalog that only sells the kinds of things that people like to buy…

  • Fun snacks
  • Candy
  • Trail mix
  • Flower seeds
  • Plus much more.

You might be wondering now, “Will this spring fundraiser work for me?”

Yes, it will… because we promise to hold your hand every step of the way!

  • You get free spring fund raising catalogs in the mail.
  • You get free phone training to make sure you have a successful spring fundraiser.
  • Your youth group gets free fundraising merchandise shipping when you meet the minimum order.
  • Finally, your nonprofit group turns up to a 50% profit on every sale.
  • P.S. Don’t forget about the free prize incentive program designed to help your children sell more fundraising products.

We would love to answer your questions about our favorite spring fundraiser strategy.

We invite you to a free exploratory fundraising phone call. Let’s learn more about each other and see if it makes sense to work together. We promise to share our best spring fundraising ideas with you while we talk on the phone.

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