Spring Fundraiser ideas For Preschool

Spring fundraising ideas for preschools

Spring Fundraising Ideas For Preschool – Introducing Our Two Amazing Spring Fundraiser Catalogs

Who else is looking for spring fundraiser ideas for preschool?

Spring is just around the corner. Your Pre-K school needs to raise money quickly. How have you been doing so far?

This can be an extremely stressful time in the life of a preschool teacher or counselor. If you are a parent working along with your preschool, then you understand 100% about what we’re talking about, don’t you?

The good news is that you do not have to do this alone. We would love an opportunity to share some of our best tips with you. We promise they will be risk-free and require no money up front. Yes, you will enjoy this idea to raise money for preschool.

Easy spring fundraiser ideas for preschool

We have two wonderful spring fundraising catalogs with amazing products.

In fact, they are so top-notch, we believe your preschool would be proud to sell these fundraising items to your friends and family.

1- Our Spring Time favorite fundraising brochure

This spring time favorite catalog has all kinds of wonderful products.

From kitchen items to magazine subscriptions to holiday gift products. There is something for everyone.

Whether this is a non-profit preschool or a for-profit preschool, we know this fundraising brochure can help your students earn a lot of money.

For example, with these two spring catalogs your school can earn up to 50% on every sale.

2- Our Simply Spring fundraising catalog

A springtime fundraiser would not be complete without selling plant seeds, flower seeds and bulbs.

The Springtime Favorites fundraiser catalog also sells trail mix, dark chocolate caramels, and almond bark too. Furthermore, there are dozens of other inexpensive items that your customers will enjoy.

Additionally, your preschool parents can help to raise up to 50% profit on every sale because the more you sell, the higher your profit margins go up.

Both of these brochures contain dozens of fundraising products that your customers will enjoy.

By the way, our Snackin’ in the USA and our $10 cookie dough tubs fundraiser brochure are also a big hit each spring too.

Our preschool spring fundraisers also have prize incentives.

Imagine a prize incentive catalog that has all kinds of fun toys, games, and fun items that kids love.

The children at your preschool have the opportunity to win prizes based on the number of fundraising items they sell. So the more they sell, the better the prize they win. This means that your motivated sellers will get to raise even more money! Now you can see why our spring fundraiser ideas for preschool are such a success.

How much does this cost?

How does FREE sound to you?

Our fundraising program is risk-free to preschoolers just like yours. There is no money required or any upfront costs for your preschool PTA. All you have to do is pay us from the products that you sell. This is a real win-win fundraising program for all preschool childcare centers just like yours.

In conclusion, we are sure you have a few questions by now, don’t you?

Will these school fundraising ideas really work for your preschool? There is only one way to find out.

We invite you to a free strategy call where we will learn more about your reasons for holding a fundraiser.

Finally, please allow us to prove to you how good our spring preschool fundraiser ideas will work for your day care center.

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