Fundraising Ideas For Small Preschools

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Easy Fundraiser Ideas For Small Preschools Like Yours

Looking for some easy fundraising ideas for small preschools?

You must be a small preschool that is looking to raise money … otherwise you wouldn’t be here, right?

Let’s face it. Some preschools are larger than others. Smaller preschools face challenges that are unique compared to larger pre-k childcare facilities. Isn’t that so?

  1. You may or may not have government funding. Even if you do, it may have been cut recently.
  2. There are not as many children and parents to support the daycare fundraisers as a larger preschool would have.
  3. You are saving for an upcoming school trip.
  4. You need funding for snacks, arts, crafts and school supplies.

All of these can be a real concern. However, it doesn’t have to be. You don’t have to do this alone.

We hope you will enjoy these proven fundraising ideas for preschools.

What makes Our fundraising ideas for small preschools EASY?

We have a really fun small school fundraiser program that your students and parents will be happy to support. We also have some really great food fundraising catalogs.

By the way, we only promote fundraising merchandise that is quality and tastes good. The reason we do this is because we want our customers to be 100% satisfied so they will continue working with us year after year. After all, if we can show you a way to earn up to 52% profit selling fundraising items that people love to buy, you would be crazy not to do it next year again, right?

Selling things people like to buy makes fundraising easy. Wouldn’t you agree? This is the best way to raise money for preschools.

Why do our small preschool fundraisers work?

These school fundraising ideas work for the following reasons:

  • Parents can bring the fundraising catalog to work. Simply show them to your coworkers.
  • Show the fundraising brochures to your neighbors, friends and family too. They will be happy to support your children’s preschool learning program.
  • By the way, these also work for Pre-k students, infants and toddler groups too.
  • We only sell fundraising items that people love to eat and drink. REMEMBER, this makes it easy 🙂
  • For example, do you know people that like to drink coffee and eat snacks like cookie dough, popcorn, trail mix, etc? Please remember, your friends are spending money on these items anyway, whether they buy them from you or not! So, you might as well ask them to support your little preschoolers good cause.
  • Furthermore, they work well in conjunction with any other preschool fundraising games and fundraiser events like a teddy bear picnic or portrait day school photos.

In conclusion, we invite you to order your complementary fundraising kit here.

Afterwards, we encourage you to reach out to us at the phone number above. We offer free strategy sessions for preschool teachers and counselors.

Finally, we promise to share our best small preschool fundraising ideas with you.

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