Fundraising Ideas For Childcare Centers

Daycare Fundraisers for For Preschools and Childcare Centers

Fundraising Ideas For Childcare Centers

Childcare facilities all over the country are looking for ways to raise money to offset the costs for taking care of the little children.

It really gets expensive taking care of infants and toddlers, doesn’t it? Juice, milk, snacks and napkins for toddler groups can get real costly, especially when you’re not getting government funding. That is why we think you will enjoy our easy daycare fundraising ideas for childcare centers.

What are our favorite child care centre fundraisers?

Hands-down we would have to say catalog fundraisers are our favorite method for raising money.

Your child care facility is going to love this because of how simple our childcare fundraising ideas and programs are.

How does it work?

For example, let’s assume that after talking together we find out that the edible cookie dough fundraiser is the perfect brochure to help your child care center earn the money they need.

  1. First, we will ship you all of the edible cookie dough brochures that you need. Simply take a count of how many children you have in your child care center.
  2. Next, we will do some training to help you succeed at selling edible cookie dough. We have been doing this for 50 years and we have learned a trick or two to make day care centers succeed.
  3. We will create a custom child care fundraising letter to send home to all of the parents.
  4. Have the parents take the edible cookie dough brochure to work and share it with everyone at their office. Furthermore, encourage them to share it with their friends, family and neighbors too.
  5. Collect payment upfront for the cookie dough people want to eat. Then at the end of your preschool fundraiser, pay us for the fundraising merchandise that you need. We will ship out all of the cookie dough ASAP to your school.

How much money can we make with these fundraising ideas for childcare centres?

That is entirely up to you. The more you sell, the more you earn.

In fact, your childcare program can earn up to 50% on every sale. That can mean up to $8.50 per sale during your childcare fundraising event.

How much does it cost to get started with this child care fundraising program?

That is the best part. There are no upfront costs to your childcare facility. Notice step number five above. You collect the payment upfront for each product sold. Then you simply pay us from the money you collect. This means your school fundraising program is 100% risk free for you. We will never ask you for money upfront!

How do we get started?

In conclusion, it all starts with a free phone call.

Let’s find out more about each other. We want to learn more about your child care facility and your fund raising goals.

Our introductory coaching call will be helpful to you. Lets pick out the perfect fundraising brochure for your facility. You have dozens of fundraising products to choose from.

Finally, we promise to share some of our favorite fundraising ideas for childcare centres.

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