Easy Fundraising Ideas For Preschoolers

Easy Fundraising Ideas For Preschoolers

Welcome to https://fundraisingzone.com your host for easy fundraising ideas for preschoolers.

How does the idea of raising money for your preschool with ZERO money out of pocket sound to you?

Our easy fundraising ideas for preschoolers will help you to raise all the money you need.

Looking for new playground equipment or funds to cover craft supplies and school trips? Our easy preschool fundraising ideas are just the ticket for your success.

What makes these preschool fundraiser ideas so easy and profitable?

Simply put, of all the fundraising products out there, the answer is brochure fundraising.

Why should you try brochure fundraising for your preschool?

Brochure fundraisers are one of the best ideas for kids because of their simplicity. You have a preschool to run and children to take care of. You don’t want a complicated time- consuming fundraiser do you? Our catalog fundraisers will allow you to focus on what you do best — teaching your little preschoolers. By the way, these brochures can be used either for a spring fundraiser or a winter fundraiser.

Here are some awesome things about our program:

  1. First, you have so many choices of brochures to choose from. If you want a suggestion, our cookie dough fundraisers are a great way to raise money for your preschool.
  2. In addition, you pay NOTHING out of pocket. All product is paid from the orders that you collect money on. In other words, you owe nothing if you don’t sell anything.
  3. We provide you with parent letters to send home with the kids. They will explain why you are raising money and how the parents can support your fundraising events.
  4. You get beautifully designed four color brochures for the students to take home with them.
  5. This fundraising idea for kids works because the catalogs do all the work for you. Just show them to friends, family, neighbors and coworkers and take your orders.
  6. Furthermore, we provide FREE shipping when you make the minimum order required.
  7. Your customers will love the high quality products and will consequently want to reorder them year after year at your future fundraising events.
  8. Finally, you will also love the idea that you can spread the word and use email, Facebook and instagram to tell your friends about your fundraiser.

Consequently, can you see how these ideas for fundraising can help your pre-school raise money?

We are here to help you

In conclusion, we invite you to call in for a complimentary preschool fundraising consultation. You probably have a thousand questions by now about these high profit fundraising ideas, don’t you?

Just give us a few moments to answer your questions because we want to also share some of these easy fundraising ideas for preschoolers with you.

In the meantime, please check out our cookie dough fundraisers here.

We look forward to speaking with you soon.