Child Care Fundraising Ideas

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Child Care Fundraising ideas

Easy fundraising ideas for a child care program

Cindy manages a local child care center. She takes care of babies, preschoolers, as well as many other children after school.

Since this is a privately owned business, she doesn’t get help from the government to subsidize her daycare facility. This means it is up to her to raise money for arts and crafts supplies to keep the children busy.

Cindy asked her customers if they knew of any easy child care fundraising ideas to make extra money. Many of the parents were helpful. One mom named Brandi shared  daycare fundraiser ideas that they used at church. “We used the free cookie dough brochures at”

Intrigued, Cindy asked Brandi, “How can this help me raise money for my day care facility?”

Brandi promised that it would be easy, fun and profitable. She added, “Allow me to show you what we did for our fundraiser event…”

Here is how these child care fundraising ideas can work for your day care center

Brandi told Cindy that the very first thing she did was to read the reviews on After all, she wanted to see for herself that these preschool fundraisers worked.

Cindy asked, “Well, what did you do next?” Brandi told her about the free fundraising kit she ordered from “It lists all the different fundraising brochures from gourmet popcorn to gift wrapping paper!”

“Which one did you choose?” Asked Cindy.

Brandi told her, “We were not sure at first. So, we took advantage of the free coaching call they offered. Chris helped us pick the gourmet cookie dough fundraisers brochure. It turned out to be the perfect fundraiser for us.”

Cindy continued, “But what about me? Why do you think this fundraiser will help me raise money for my daycare business?”

Brandi then went on to outline why this would work for Cindy’s child care facility.

  • These childcare fundraising ideas are simple & profitable.
  • In addition, your fundraising brochures are free. So are the envelopes.
  • You also get free shipping on all your fundraising merchandise when you qualify.
  • They will design a parent letter for the kids to take home.
  • The fundraising program is real easy to do. You simply show the brochures and have people pick out what they want to buy.
  • Furthermore, the fundraising items are top quality. The company stands behind their products.
  • The prices are fair. For example you get a 2-pound tub of chunky chocolate chip cookie dough for only $10.
  • Your child care service earns up to 52% on each sale so your program can raise the most money.
  • Chris and Joe will give you all the free coaching you need to succeed.
  • Finally, these school fundraising events work perfectly as a compliment to your traditional bake sales, discount cards, scratch cards, car wash fundraisers, book fair or dinner & movie card.

Can our childcare fundraisers work for your center?

You will be happy to know that our brochure fundraisers have worked in daycare centers, nursery schools, elementary schools, middle schools and high schools.  That means they can also work for your child care facility.

Why not reach out to us and schedule a free conference call? We promise to share some of our top child care fundraising ideas with you!