Best Fundraising Brochures For Daycare

best fundraising brochures for daycare

Do you run a daycare? Here are our best fundraising brochures!

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Are you looking for the best fundraising brochures for daycare?

If you are a daycare owner, teacher, or teacher’s aid and want to find the best daycare fundraisers products to sell, you have come to the right place.

Fundraising Zone has been helping kids raise money for over five decades. Because of this we know how to raise money for kids the easy way.

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Here is a question to ponder…

Why settle for school fundraising products that only pay 10% profit, when you can pick pre-school fundraising merchandise that pays up to a 50% profit? 

So, here are our three best fundraising brochures for

daycare to help you make the most money:

#1: Holiday gift wrap fundraisers

holiday impressions 9 Your daycare facility earns up to a 50% profit on every sale! This is our top fundraising idea for daycare, schools, and child care facilities every year.

So how can you make the most money with this school fundraising brochure? Have your volunteers make a list of all the people you know that will probably buy holiday gift wrap and presents. Simply show the winter fundraising brochure to them. Remember to tell them why you’re holding a fundraiser at your daycare center. Then collect payment on all of their orders in advance.

How much money can you make with this wrapping paper fundraiser? That’s up to you. The more your daycare sells, the more profit you earn.

Here is an additional tip. You get a free price incentive program with this fundraising program. It helps incentivize your volunteers to sell more fundraising merchandise.

Collect all of your orders together at one time and send them into Your order will be processed and shipped out to you as soon as possible.

#2: Popcorn fundraising ideas for daycare.

sneak a peak inside the popcorn pleasures brochure a great daycare fundraising idea!

Our second favorite daycare fundraiser idea is selling gourmet popcorn.

How can you earn money selling popcorn?

Our popcorn pleasures fundraiser program makes this really simple to do. Simply count up how many brochures you will need. Usually you’ll need one for every volunteer that will be helping you with this fundraiser. We will send you your brochures in the mail as soon as possible.

You’ll be happy to know you get free training with all of our fundraising events. Thankfully, the brochure does all the selling for you.

First of all, show your friends and family the gourmet popcorn fundraiser brochure. Additionally, be sure to tell them what the top three favorite choices are. People usually will pick from the top three most popular popcorn flavors.

Furthermore, ask them if there is anyone they would like to buy a popcorn treat for. Remember, because the popcorn costs only seven dollars, many people will buy one as a gift for someone they love. 

Finally, your daycare center get free shipping when you meet the minimum order of 150 units. You can easily do this if you also set a fundraising goal. All you have to do is sell 500 units to earn 50% profit on each sale. 

#3: Sell cookie dough to raise money for daycare.

Gourmet Cookie Dough Fundraisers
Gourmet Cookie Dough Fundraisers

Learn how to earn the most money selling cookie dough with these daycare fundraising ideas.

Daycares love this cookie dough fundraiser because it cost only $10. So, your family and friends will be happy to support your daycare fundraiser ideas because it is such a good value. Your customers get 2 pounds of fresh cookie dough with this fundraiser brochure.

This cookie dough catalog contains all of the traditional favorites from peanut butter, to oatmeal, to chocolate chip. As you can see, there is something for everyone in this program.

We will send you all of the catalogs that you need and the training you need to succeed.

Finally, your child care center can earn up to five dollars on every sale. As you can see, you will quickly reach your goals.

Why should you use as your daycare fundraising company?

You can try to figure this out on your own. However, you have a daycare center to run don’t you? So, why not focus on running your business and let us help you raise the money you need?

After five decades in the school fundraising business, we have learned what works and doesn’t work. We have worked with all kinds of preschools, daycare’s, and pre-K childcare facilities. We have helped schools earn thousands of dollars. Because of that, we have the experience to help you raise the money your daycare needs.

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Additionally, we invite you to call in for a free conference call. When you are ready to talk to a fundraising expert, we promise to share some of our best daycare fundraising brochures with you.

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