Private school fundraising ideas cooperating with local businesses

Private School Fundraising Ideas

Try these fundraising ideas for private schools involving small businesses in your community


If a person can afford a private school for their children the odds are that many are entrepreneurs or business owners. In this article we will look that ways where you can use your naturally existing relationships to raise money for your school. Each of these tips work well to compliment our other private school fundraisers using brochures and catalogs. We hope these private school fundraising ideas will help you reach your fundraiser goals for this year.


So the first question is how can local businesses and private schools mutually help one another?


You may be familiar with the acronym WIIFM:

What’s in it for me?”

As a private school you already know what you need. You’re looking for ways to raise funds for student programs like band, & music art programs, team sports etc.

Well then what is in it for local businesses? So why should they donate to your school programs?

The KEY to funding private school fundraising ideas that businesses will gladly support


A businessman or woman wants several things:



  • Good publicity.
  • Additionally, they want advertising exposure for their brand.
  • And finally an introduction to new customers and clients.


So the million dollar question is how can we find a way to do both of these things so that private schools and local businesses both win?

Lets take one at a time.


Creating press opportunities


So how can you to get free publicity for local business in your community?

First of all you can create a “buy local” community page on your website. These are becoming very popular because many people are buying online today. This is an opportunity to encourage people to buy local and shop local. You can also charge an annual fee for businesses to get a listing. Send out a press release to announce your new by local community page. Finally, remember to list all of the businesses that sign up.


Sponsorships. Big businesses do this all of the time. For instance a manufacturer may pay to have their name on a sports stadium. You can also do the same thing. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


  • The official restaurant for your schools club.
  • Or perhaps the official landscaping company for your school grounds.
  • And finally, how about the official chiropractor or massage therapist for your sports team?


You get the idea. Additionally you can create a press release to announce this.


The big check photo opportunity


This is perfect for those times that a business makes a donation for your school. Create a life-size check that takes two people to hold in a photo. The check is made out from the business do your school. Now create a press release and distribute it to the media. Additionally reach out to a local reporter in your community.


Making a difference in your community


Find a charity or cause that you and your prospective business partner mutually have a soft spot in the heart for.


  • Maybe a veterinarian and a local ASPCA for homeless and abandoned pets.
  • Or perhaps a childrens cancer ward and a local doctor.
  • Finally, maybe a local environmental issue and a landscaper.


How can you raise money this way?


  • Now see if they will be willing to match donations for every dollar you raise.
  • Furthermore, would they be willing to donate a small portion of their sales toward the cause on a certain day, week or month?


This is certainly another news worthy opportunity where everyone wins!


Flash Mob social media blast


Perhaps you’ve seen a flash mob on Facebook or YouTube. It’s when a bunch of people show up and start singing, dancing or play instruments in a public place unannounced and unexpected. Crowds of people gathered around take photos and video. There are lots of applause and tears afterwards.

This is great if you have a cheer squad, chorus, band or orchestra at your school. Brainstorm ideas for a flash mob among the local businesses in your area. It could be a mall, A restaurant or grocery store.

Now go out to talk to the business owners about your flash mob publicity stunt. Tell them it will be filmed And shared all hundreds of local Facebook accounts. Explain to them how many new people hear about their business because everyone is talking about it. Finally negotiate a fee for your flash mob performance.


Selling advertising and ads


Think of all the advertising space that you control. This includes:


  • Websites.
  • Blog article interviews and spot lights.
  • Video channels.
  • Social media shout outs.
  • Email blasts to your lists.
  • Direct mail.
  • Yearbooks.
  • And finally your school calendars.


Additionally we suggest thinking outside the box. For instance could you hang signs on exterior fencing in your parking lot? Is there space for banners in your gymnasium or the lunchroom? Remember there are many businesses that would love your students and their families to be their customers. This means they will be willing to rent out these advertising opportunities on a monthly or yearly basis.


Matching customers with businesses


This can be a fun opportunity to raise money for school while learning valuable business lessons.


  • Take an inventory of all of the students parents and the businesses they have.
  • Approach them and tell them you would like to help Them get new business in exchange for them helping you with your school fundraiser for your private school.
  • Additionally, ask them to create a coupon with an introductory special for new customers. It could be a free consultation or a discount. Make sure to put the name of your private school on the coupon so that you get credit for all the sales generated.
  • Furthermore, you can negotiate a commission for all coupons that get redeemed.
  • Finally, remember to rinse and repeat.


In conclusion, we hope these private school fundraising ideas were helpful to you. They also work well to compliment our many fundraising catalogs! If you would like to learn more about our private school fundraisers.